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Pfizer admits that the Unvaccinated can get vaccine side effects from the Vaccinated....

Demon X212
Demon X212 - 1,497 Views
Published on 01 May 2021 / In News and Politics

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This is so insane!
First it was "no need for mask" to "we definitely need to wear mask."

Then it was safe to stay outside, to the lockdowns .

Then the sun or UAV light kills covid in 30 minutes, to the sun doesn't work.

Then HCQ worked SAFELY to fight covid, to it's all fake news a.k.a. ""Trust the science.""

Then the push of an untested mRNA vaccine, with not lengthy study trial's, deemed "safe...," to the enlightened/engaged/non-sheeple's warning the true sheep not to take this vaccine.

Now the Vaccinated can cause the Unvaccinated to have vaccine side effects, without haven't been vaccinated, due to vaccine shedding from those whom are vaccinated...

We had to dodge the mask, the lockdowns, media fearmongering, the vaccines and now we must avoid the vaccinated?!

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