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Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less "Mirror"

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 4,154 Views
Published on 08 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Great Job By the original producer of this video I appreciate people who use The "Good Eye" and takes the time to point out what the public never took the time to see or question as to what happened in DC Kudos to the producer of this video Thank You confirmed my suspicions and the best way! and you helped me catch a double agent who I had been associated with here in Buffalo and who became one of the Suspects that landed the FBI's most wanted List who went into the DC Capital Building and who tried to set fire to media equipment. He was arrested here in Cheektowaga, NY at his friend's house. Which later I discovered his arrest was all apart of the staged performance that was carried out in DC. His Name was Peter Harding. I don't believe that is his real name I think it was a stage name he used as an alias

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UGEtube allows trolling

hi Daniel. UGEtube is a Zionist front

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gang 2 months ago


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