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I Wasn't Wrong About Trump "Prophecy" I'm Not Wrong About 2024 LET'S CHECK THE RECEIPTS FROM 2016

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Published on 12 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

I have let people run with this narrative since 2019. I never felt the need to pull the receipts and I thought it would be too much work. People took one clip, cut it, and didn't play the context of what I said. After much prayer and talking to a few pastors I felt released to go pull all the old videos and receipts and I will leave it as a record for those who want to judge with righteous judgment. After you see all of these clips, some of you will repent.

Now was I in my feelings about it, of course, because I knew what was coming and you see me say it all the way back to 2016 over and over again that a King Saul would come if we did not repent. You see over and over again I said America is going to regret rejecting the grace God sent for a season because it didn't come how they thought.

I am going to have the clips up in a few hours so you can judge for yourselves and I am going to give you the word I believe God has put on my heart for 2024. It's not about politics. It's not about Trump. Those are all chess pieces in a bigger game. I refuse to sit there and let people run with this narrative anymore. I should have never watered down or apologized for saying what I said especially when you hear the context of what was said in all of these videos. I will be going live probably around 8 CST tonight on YouTube.

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