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Episode 43 - Your Army Lies In Dust, Unleash The Lions, Purina, Trump Tricked Into Supporting VISA Tracking, The Nordstream Truth, The Deepstate Destroys Turkey For Not Getting Involved With

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Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

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Place of the Exodus Discovered by the Saudis:
Liberal Comes Full Circle Against Transgender Treatments:
Rumble Staff posts Dog has extremely close encounter with Cobra:
Lindsey Graham Actor supporting Trump for 2024:
Mark Houck shares what really happened in front of Planned Parenthood following acquittal:
DOJ still refusing to give intel committee the data they need:
New York Mayor Adams Posts a Video Boasting About Healthy Food and Snacks for Illegal Immigrants:
Even CNN is calling out White House For Refusing to Answer Docs Question:
Drone Wars continue in Ukraine:
Video shows Trump using the constitution like a boss:
Man makes a 7 mile per hour steam powered ground bike with barely any parts:
Vegetable-like filaments found in vaccination vials:
Australia moves to develop mrna shot for livestock against the foot & mouth outbreak there, to vaccinate all livestock with it, & in America, we are not too far off, Genevax technology for since 2015 has offered vaccines to farmers, even organic farmers who by federal law have to vaccinate their cattle, which boasts of injecting genes into the animals. These farmers don’t have to dispose either if they vaccinate their cattle or what vaccines they used:
NIH admits 5G causes coronaviruses including Covid-19. The German Government admits the jabs are causing AIDS, Japan orders investigation into covid vaccine deaths as the MSM admits the jabs are killing them. WEF says the global elite will save humanity, people don’t have a right to own cars, you can walk or share, & say humans who wish to live must become batteries for AI:
An Australian mining company lost a radioactive device that emits high levels of radiation equal to receiving 10 X-rays in an hour and can cause skin burns and cancer report shows:
Woman accuses Tamara Lich the Truckers for Freedom main organiser trying to spend 3.2 million donated money on a building for them to continue to protest. Tamara was WEXIT with Peter Downing and was funded and orchestrated through the Atlantic Council, which through connections is Soros’s dog:
The jab found to drain blood cells of oxygen, & they float together & begin to clump within 1 minute of administration:
The price of the Ukranian War, 17000 persons dead in this new cemetery, Russia also has one similar to it:
Another Whistleblower warns that 26 GHz band of 5G spectrum poses a health risk, showing these 8/10 antennae will be installed in hospitals & nursing homes:
Nanotechnology shown to self-assemble into microtechnology pieces which then try to attach to each other, & when pushed apart, not connected by wire, they come back together using external electromagnetics:
Super efficient almost Free Energy Bendini Cole motor demonstration:
So John Bendini’s machines were aired publicly for the first time, & they require batteries to work, but they overproduce, meaning they cause over 100% energy:
Free Energy John Bedini 30 Coiler Energizer demonstration:
Free Energy Bendini inspired design generates an excess of 1000V:
Free Energy 6 Coil Bedini Energizer Brought from Australia by John K:
Polish reduced energy invention Piskorz's Wind Turbines similar to Tesla Wind Turbine plans:
The Turkmen Gate of Hell is a 230-foot-long gas fire crater that has been burning since 1971. Now it doesn’t have a ton of energy being released at once, but if close enough, you could power many houses easy with it:
Interview with George Green Reveals some hospitals have secret floors to treat clones, & that 8 countries are currently cloning regularly, cloning of humans has been done since 1938:
Dude experimenting with Sodium Silicate and has discovered some interesting results. This is the active ingredient and primary component in John Hutchison's free energy batteries that he’s opened sourced for sometime now, and sure enough he got free energy from these crystals. Says too when metal in touched by it, it creates a network for current to flow through, but it also goes through the crystals, which act like valves for it as a transistor:
Elon Musk reveals the entire u.s. could be powered with 250 square km of solar panels, possibly bullcrap:
John Hutchinson's displaying Crystal Converters as he was working on free energy:
Crystal Batteries working for years almost free energy, comprised of borax, Rochelle salts (aluminum and cream of tartar mixed), potassium chloride, iron pyrite, barium titanate (it alone produces 13v dc from its piezoelectric properties), and graphene (this assumed as adding it into the crystal mix it should bump up the energy stored because of how graphene can be used as a capacitor). Similarly LED Cell Started October 2011. Ran for 1490 days. Motor Cell Started December 2011. Ran for 1429 days. Glass Dome 100 Year Motor Started December 2013. Ran for 687 days, only problem is machine lathe is needed to get parts, which would pose massive drain on these sources:
Lemons, Garlic, Ginger, Tumeric & Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, makes a good blend for keeping up immune system:
Man claims he made a reactor that emits microwaves to turn plastic into gasoline, diesel, & kerosene:
Ore found in Africa found to produces arc weld level electricity when touching other ores of the same type, work similar to crystal batteries, but better because they do not go into a close loop hence meaning the free energy shuts off after time, no heated parts are need to be replaced, perhaps only the drain issue & charge distribution may be a problem, but not enough data is known at the time:
Man flies to INDIA to Hunt a Scammer, the police were involved:
The same man also spied on scammers through their webcams:
Reishi Mushrooms are known as the mushroom of immortality, they fight cancer, are editable, manage stress, relieve depression, are an anti-inflammatory, boost the immune system, increase energy & vitality, fights aging, & supports the liver:
Alternative forum to WEF is announced:
Free Energy Machine, a massive floating one, so large, it acts like wire between the air & the earth, directing energy into it but not actually touching the ground, which would be able to produce about 100kW:
Video surfaces of CDC official saying we should just get rid of all the whites in the united states because they are vaccine refusers, not vaccine hesitant:
Google says that not only females can menstruate:
TrustStamp Digital I.D. in Africa Makes Headway:
15 min cities: The socialist utopia:
Celtic Salt is good for you to drink if thirsty:
Outgoing Biden Chief of Staff Randomly Starts Crying Over a Rock:
Insane Rep. Tlaib Breaks Down in Tears on House Floor During Bizarre Rant, not realizing the dems are the problem, or perhaps panicking cause the patriots are coming:
VP Harris Speaks to Room Full of Adults Like They're Kindergartners:
MNSCB Anchor says she developed parocardidis & fluid around her heart from a common cold after they sent her home initially after chest pain on the left side to her left shoulder & said it was just acid reflex, otherwise she was healthy & physically active somewhat. 100% the jab. She gets sent back to the hospital 3 days later with a flutter in her chest, diagnosed with myocardidis. They tell her all of this is just caused by a common cold:
YouTube VP Who Censored Pfizer Exposé CONFRONTED by Project Veritas:
Hunter Biden threatened Tucker Carlson with a lawsuit for talking about his laptop, & the White House via Joe & Hunter’s lawyers sent a letter to the DOJ demanding people who have the laptop be persecuted for weaponizing the Laptop against him, which is bullcrap & also this once again confirms it is Hunter’s. Then they lawyers go back to correct their statement, alleged laptop, they are truly pathetic:
This is a scene from a Disney+ kids cartoon. Blatant anti-white & anti-America propaganda, it also admits the Illuminati & New World Order exists & someone goes to cover the boy who said its mouth:
McCarthy Actor Instantly Shuts Up ABC Reporter Like A Boss:
House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Garland, Wray, & Cardona:
Biden Admin Reportedly Smuggled 100,000 Migrants Into US Through Hidden Parole Pathway, they also released 1300 immigrants in a single month:
400 Billion USD Hunger Games Smart city in USA being built called Telosa, announced in September in 2021 by former Walmart Executive & billionaire Marc Lore, 150,000 acres, 5 million people, a giant sky scrapper in the middle, green lush all over the place, 15 minutes commutes, all gas cars are banned, & there are no emissions somehow. Here is your new Babylon:
Brazilian media reported that an airship went invisible and had broad similarities to high-altitude airships that Chinese companies are known to have been working on, some of these however you could tell there was something there, & there was an outline of white light:
Capturing electrostatic energy from the atmosphere with a drone that is kite lined:
Sliced Raw Local Organic Fermented Honey, Tumeric, & Ginger combo to feel better if feeling sick:
Rep Massie’s at the US Congress about the unscientific covid vaccine:
The biggest ever recorded surfed wave:
Head of the British Parliament’s Defense Committee Calls for Direct Engagement With Russia:
West Point, Monrovia, Liberia, is the worst slum in the world, poop on beaches, trash & food together, rape, robbery, & mutilation for money:
First Transwoman Figure Skater Debuts in Europe & falls down in 30 seconds, Former Speech Writer says it is possible that Vladimir Putin may be detained by a coup, he then asked congress to send money, tanks, & fighter jets to help with his military coup, a woman was arrested for stealing what amounted up to 1.5 mil in chicken wings from the school she worked at, & new poll shows 78% of people in George Santos’s district want him to resign:
BB makes link that generates a random article about something AOC would do, you can check it out on their social media & its under community on their website, however, it uses ChatGPT:
Turkey has huge earthquakes, perhaps HAARP or tunnels were close to ground with minor nuclear detonations, nevertheless, 45 buildings collapsed, the roads were split like holes in an old rag, at least 900 people are dead, & then Ukraine said something distasteful to them about it. The earthquakes varied across two intersecting fault lines it appears, most were around high 4’s & 5’s, the lowest one observed was a 4.2 & the highest was a 7.8, only problem is these numbers are from the Turkish government, and could be completely falsified, the reason for this is b/c the Turkish government lied to the people telling them it was a 7.8 so they wouldn’t panic, it was almost an 11. The actual numbers for buildings collapsed is far higher, and the death count skyrocketed, supposedly at 22k now, however they are both unknown at this time:
Y’all have probably seen the hilarious skit/production by SNL’s HBO Mario Kart, it was actually funny and good, which threw us off by surprise, b/c they are so liberal we couldn’t remember the last time they produced something actually funny besides a chuckle, not edgy or inappropriate, or literally just being a political hit piece; the wario one with elon was kind of funny, but if the role was more complex Elon would have failed it, but it was funny too that he was wario, it fits. HBO/SNL is having reaction videos blocked however using their content, so people are doing the reaction videos with the videos smaller & transparent to not have the visibility blocked by the YouTube algorithms:
So there is some chick who has gotten better at articles over the years, her site is called 100% Fed Up, & she was about to give up writing & was going to quit fighting on that front, well she came back, & she is a Michigander or Michiganian or whatever you wanna call us, so you check out the conservative news just from Michigan, however it is not like a ton of news articles at once:
Tash Cobbs post a prayer to God about Beyonce, but it really just for clout to get her on tour with her, her public life style is just as bad as Beyonce’s, she spit on the Christian comment community as well, calling them ***inine & other insults:
Grammy shows its true colors, satanism & sexualistic movements done, they had a trans woman perform a song called unholy with his trans woman partner & dancers, them dressed in red with devil horns, the dancers in stripper outfits, large red robes, & devil horns, him singing in a cage, then he’d get out they formed a ritual circle around him, them acting sexually provocative, the dancer routine was to partially flail while squatting in the circle, the music sounds arabic, & there are red lights & fire in a house arch shape. The song was about parents who are truly separate that leave their kids home to go commit adultery with high fashion, including balenciaga:
CHAT GPT to be used as a base A.I. for new world order perhaps? There logo has 6 slabs & a hole in the middle, man’s eye:
Communication Professor Reacts to Bill Gates Interview on PBS, it is beyond damning:
New Age Meditating can open you up to spirits, but it is not sinful, but practicing the moves, they will open doors to Satan, because they are worship to gods, ex-psychic blows whistle once again. They did a study on someone who was channeling spirits while doing Yoga, & the part of their brain engaged in sleep lit up, she was opening her mind:
“So Dangerous”: Pastor's Warning About New Disney Pixar Film Turning Red:
Biden has 2nd state of the union address, & MTG brings a white balloon to it:
AmazonFresh are stores that when you walk in you scan your card, soon it will probably just scan from the medal detectors, ‘cause you just grab anything off the shelves, you leave with it, no cashier or check out, no cash, it just charges to your card & emails you a receipt, via picking up the RFID on the barcodes on the way out. All they need now is someone smart enough to walk in without a phone or credit card, take the food & leave as the alarm blares, but there is no security, & you are faced masked up, so you just get away with no consequences. Now probably the card scanner is there in the first place so that soon if a person does not scan the card, then they are not allowed in the store, so when they pass by it sounds the alarm, the reason why it is not at the door scanners themselves is so that you have fair warning & its not like you just forgot your card. They will use Trump’s Unlimited Access VISA tracking he wanted to do, when everyone carries their card. The forced currency is legal under the bar system but is unconstitutional because the people did not take a vote to switch to credit as major currency, & under fair trade laws technically under American law, any place has to accept reasonable trade & even barter. All they need to complete their little police state is robot security, & cities in places of rural living to have a camera grid everywhere, and then there is no escape.
Biden Admin created an interagency group run by the top white house leaders, who are all jews, to draft, as in curve, antisemitism, which is laughable. What it really does helps to censor anyone who points outs Jews in power doing wrong things:
About 43% of the Main National Security Council Members Are Jews, and the exact same people are on the draft antisemitism group:
ADL CEO: “Right Now We Are Trying to Bankrupt The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers”:
CEO of OneAmerica insurance company shocked discovering the jab increased the death rate of the nation by at the very least 40% in 2021:
Russia Showcases Putting 2 Yars Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Into Their Launch Silos on December 14th & 15th, for their Strategic Rocket Forces Day, December 17th:
Purina changes their chicken feed ingredients to make chickens stop producing eggs:
Massive Report shows United States was planning on destroying nordstream for almost a year, u.s. navy set up parameters, conducting random tests & drills to provide cover for the Norwegians to sneak through, because the deepstate asked the Norwegian Secret Service & Navy to destroy the pipelines, & out of hate for the Russians. They destroyed them using C4’s:
Past Chinese Spy Balloons Were Classified As UFOs now UAP’s, Officials Say, & say that 3 Chinese Spy Balloons Floated into the United States under Trump, & also that the Chinese Has A Fleet of Spy Balloons, & that United States at least detected the spy balloon the moment it entered airspace:
It finally went public that Hunter Biden Invested In A Pandemic Firm Collaborating With Daszak’s (in Ukraine) EcoHealth and The Wuhan Lab, so now the normies are waking up:
It also finally went public that a Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers “Isolating Deadly Pathogens” Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department, waking even more normies up:
Biden: "Name me a world leader who's changed places with Xi Jinping. Name me one!":
Jill Biden kisses Doug Emhoff on the lips at the state of the union address:
"It's Your Fault!" - Biden FREEZES After Getting Heckled on Fentanyl Crisis, & just smiles thinking what to do:
Biden makes claim so STUPID on oil, lawmakers literally LAUGH in his face, also they replaced Kamala, different head shape, it doesn’t fit the same on the neck either:
"Liar!" someone yells, then Chamber ERUPTS when Biden says there is a very minute amount of Republicans supporting medicare, & it is being proposed by one of them:
Bill Gates Actor says my private jets have the gold standard of carbon containment, the guy says but some would say your still a hypocrite, he says but I am part of the solution too, donating billions to these things & learning about them:
MTG Shuts Up Dem Who Said "Walls Don't Work", saying "Walls work. That’s why Democrats built one around the Capitol for Joe Biden’s State of the Union tonight”:
Rep. Donalds RIPS Democrats Who Accused Him of Pushing "White Nationalism":
Matt Gaetz Delivers the REAL State of the Union Address That Biden Won't, mentions red lines, called 45 President Trump:
Disgruntled Illegal Aliens Abandon NYC for Canada, as the national guards hands them tickets to get on a bus & go to another country:
HAARP clouds that dim the sun are seen in Turkey prior to the Earthquake except in specific spots:
HAARP found to be used to punish Japan by causing a nuclear reactor to be hit by two identical 6.8 earthquakes causing a leak:
History Channel Explains how HAARP controls all weather in a global effort:
HAARP was planned to be world wide, clouds shown glowing from the ions & doing swirls & diving fast:
HAARP exposed making few wave tsunamis, & also how they used to make Katrina which we all knew already:
Mini-Nukes seen detonated above the surface of the ground in Turkey just before the HAARP activated:
Cats flip out when the earthquakes start in Turkey hearing the noise & feeling the rumble:
1.5-year-old baby Masal was rescued alive while nursing in her pregnant mother’s arms:
Man helps dog find its puppy in the wreckage of the earthquakes & gives them a place to live in:
Andrew Tate’s Bugatti Is in the Process of getting Seized From Dubai By the Police:
Investigation into the Tate Brothers now expanded into four other countries, & the Police Seize his Bugatti, bought at the request of the investigators for about 5.4 Million Euros, & that leads us to believe he is innocent after all:
2 year old rescued in Turkey 56 hours after the earthquake, thankfully he was a chubby boy:
2 month old baby pulled out alive from under the rubble in Turkey after 3 days:
Chemtrails made the sky look like water in a stream:
HAARP engineer exposes what they are doing:
Young boy just goes limp after a second covid shot:
BB puts out AR-15 Goes On Trial For Murder:
The Planned New FBI HQ is double the size of the Pentagon:
MTG unloads on the 2nd Biden SOTU address:
Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Mitt Romney for Accusing Her of Treason:
Unconstitutional Election Meddling: Rino Stefanik Calls Out FBI, DOJ, and Twitter:
Rep. Bush Attempts to Confront Witness With Quote They Never Said:
THE STORMIN' MORMON v. THE LONG ISLAND LIAR: Romney Shreds Santos, “You Don't Belong Here”:
Fox’s Hume on Biden’s Speech: “There Was an Awful Lot of Stumbling and Slurring and Words Left Out”:
Pompeo gets utterly replaced:
Trans Activists OCCUPY Oklahoma State Capitol during Protest, no claims of insurrection to be found:
GOLDBERG: “We spy on them, they spy on us. We find out stuff, they find out stuff, and the world keeps going around." She doesn’t even care, sick freak:
Disney cuts two episodes of the Simpsons from Disney Plus mentioning forced labor camps in order to not offend China from being able to be viewed in Hong Kong. Also JP Sears comes out with shirt product line got God, & says God is where we should put our focus to:
February 1st, 2013 is when Words by Hawk Nelson came out, so it has been 10 years, & speaking of Hawk Nelson, the main singer revealed his faith is fading & casual gave up on God in his defeatism during July of 2020:
KJP evades 3 consecutive questions on the Chinese Spy Balloon:
There is a disturbing sounding song called Electromagnetic Pulse by The Voice, & it is from an album called Apollonia, which sounds like Apollyon, the song talks about feeling it through her veins & being asleep yet awake, the black hole she cannot escape, now one might think oh that makes sense, because an EMP, going outside and its dark, you feel the pulse, or that it is emotional suffering, we tell you the truth, from the imagery in the music video & the song, it is 100% esoterically driven, & to be used to open the minds of the viewers to put them into a dream like state:
It is estimated that if the Spy Balloon launched an EMP, most of America would be without power, & that about 10% of America would survive, in rural areas completely self-sufficient. If a typical modern day nuke was the exploded in the Atmosphere, the EMP range would cover most of North America:
U.S. Military shoots down spy balloon which should have been shot down before entering U.S. airspace in the first place, also to prevent it from being captured by entities
White Hats: Montana Balloon Was Deep State, not Chinese. Implying that the C.C.P was notified afterward to play along, Talk About Google Loon:
White Hat Officers “Detained” After Miserably Failing Polygraphs:
Military Convicts Ron Klain:
Comment Plugin Believed To Be Cause of the Slow Loading or Failed Connection on RRN, so they disabled it & it still happened, & it is not the severs so it probably has something to do with a built in layout because its wordpress after all:
Putin Intercepts Adrenochrome Shipment Headed to United States:
Biden Body Double Delivers SATU to Clones, Holograms, and Lookalikes, I like how this article literally ties in all the stuff we were talking about:
White Hat Officer Suspected of Treason Dies Under Interrogation, seemingly from myocardidis:

Music: The Watcher – Liquid Cinema; Go Down Moses – Lewis Armstrong; Cities in Dust – The Everlove; The Words I Would Say – Sidewalk Prophets; Lifesong – Casting Crowns

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