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Entering Neverland Michael Jackson Truth

TheCozmikTruth - 168 Views
Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

SOURCE: Hibbeler Productions

A must see documentary on the truth about Michael Jackson's true enemies. Not everything that you have been told is the way that it went.

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JamesRoss 28 days ago

When non-Cult individuals become outstandingly popular and thus could become a non-Cult-controlled leader. The mass media is one of the tentacles of the Mystery School Cult that always needs to be in total control of what the sheeple think.
When Jackson broke the Guinness Record for popularity of the youths, the Cult Freemasons and Eastern-stars began pulling their strings of deception.

It is likely the father of the first liar-child was thus coached by some Freemason to commit the fraud. When his boy came forward to tell the truth, the assassin-sect of the Cult suicided him, like they cull many of their targets. If the father explained to the public that he was being coached to character assassinate Jackson, then the mass media would begin to loose face and that could not be allowed.

I sense that the Cult was behind the initial character assassination because Jackson was getting too politically powerful even though he disliked being an icon.

Good video, I like this. It reflects the current deception that now bamboozles the sheeple into mass suicide by "authorized vaccines" by the same Mystery School Cult without thinking who is in control of the mass media. Cooper shows you here:

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TheCozmikTruth 28 days ago

Mind blowing stuff here! Checking out link now. Blessings ???

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