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Dr. Stephanie Seneff - How mRNA Shots Induce Brain Diseases - The New American

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Published on 07 Oct 2022 / In Health

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BurnabyUgetuber 8 months ago

In layman's terms, the gist of what doctors sen f and over a ton said in a their conversation here..


Should not be on statin drugs for heart disease.
Monkeys fed sulfur (hereinafter referred to as "sul") and high chloresterol diet ("shd")  did not get heart disease.
Sunlight is necessary for shd to conert shd in usable molecule.
Lack of sunlight and glyphosate ("gly") messes up shd enzyme thereby ending up deficient in shd and sul.  Liver has to use other means to transport choloresterol  ("chl") which must inside lipid particles if it doesnt have sulphate.   In which case oxidation is a side effect if there is no sulphate. 
Heart desperately needs chl to avoid heart failure. 
Clogged arteries happens because heart needs chl but is not getting via sul with sunlight natural way.
Gly, lack of sunlight, other poisons eg aluminum in sunscreen disrupt chl with sul

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BurnabyUgetuber 10 months ago

See who owns WHO and what to do. Groundbreaking.

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