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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Shows Luciferian Attitude That Liars Are Clear of Genocidal Blame (blaming the Sheeple)

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Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

That it is the willing sheeple who are to be blamed for their own deaths by willingly being tricked into accepting the Clot-Shots. Lets all forget about the wicked Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs making and distributing the poisons.

This is really Tenpenny... "the problem is you sheeple who take the poison unwittingly... not the murderous thugs conducting the genocide"... she basically is covering-up for the Luciferians because she must be one of them. A Judas Goat leading the sheep to accepting their slaughter... into the slaughter houses they must march and do this by ignoring the makers of the atrocities. Blaming the sheeple for being ignorant of wicked monsters who run the medical-system... she/it is one of them. Westall is also complicit... another Judas Goat, caught, red-tongued.

This is like Dr. Mengele saying: "You should have stayed out of the concentration camps and researched Nazi wickedness. Na, na, na boo-boo, we got you... You are to be blame for being ignorant of my wicked potential for committing my human atrocities." Tenpenny is effectively siding with Dr. Mengele like claiming that jews needed to avoid concentration camps to avoid experimentation and likely their acceptance of poison-gas deaths. Does this make any sense or is everyone mesmerized by fake medical authority.

Or Einstein saying: "It is the fault of the good people who let the wicked people murder. It is not the fault of any evil monsters..." He was a Hollywood-genius which means he was fake and served Freemasonry and the devils.

I know these monsters exist because freemasonic dentist are complicit to secretly grinding away people's teeth and freemasonic optometrists are secretly lasering problems into peoples eyes. The entire Freemasonry is an organization of monsters... laughing at the dumb-sheeple for falling for fake authority... just like this Tenpenny. The whole system is designed to collapse boys and girls... order out of chaos is the Freemasonic motto... "from the ashes, we rise" is a common Cult tattoo like the fiery phoenix.

Tenpenny sounds sympathetic to Luciferian monsters, like so many other Eastern-Star minions, they are mentally ill to pass off the blame to tricked believers in a false medical system of brainwashing the need for vaccinations for everything.
These dumbed-down sheeple did not deserve to die... but Tenpenny just shrugs her shoulders and says "Nobody forced you to take their clot-shots. Na, na na boo-boo! they got you..."

Like "Nobody told you to pay your taxes... you just did it out of fear of fake-threats of imprisonment. Well, some people are tricked into accepting prison for nothing done wrong, but that is their fault for being ignorant of Freemasonry."

Liars and deceivers are given a pass by Tenpenny.

What is interesting is that the original post that I extracted this post from received 29 thumbs-up and 0 thumb-down... You see the sheep following the Judas Goat? This is indicating critical thinking sheeple hardly exist... No comments allowed.
Do these people even think for themselves?

Westall, Tenpenny are bamboozled? or are they just controlled-opposition and effective Judas Goats. 29 likes and zero dislikes for Tenpenny blaming the sheeple... You see, this is the craft of a Judas Goat. The sheep just baaaa and follow without thinking for themselves.


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