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Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Speaks After Dr. Shiva – Uncovers Additional 57,000 Issues (Not Counting Shiva’s 17,000 Issues)

Martin Brodel
Martin Brodel - 136 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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byng1619 29 days ago

All the big commies were also satanic jews, Marx, lenin, Trotski, etc. They vaxxed the Israeli population to give them cover, they don't care about jewish people. Switzerland is in on this too, Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini got support from Swiss bankers.

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wheel_of_funk 30 days ago

You need to calm down Brodie, your blood pressure got to high in this video.

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Model-Nutty 30 days ago

there are a ton of German/Jewish names in high places,
not just politics, get a look at all Bohemian Club members,
Bilderberg Group, creating the ADL in the McCarthy days.
zionists try to force the hand of God, is blatantly luciferian.
they're all connected, many to things like NXIVM etc too.
the rabbit holes run deep.

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