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Cyber Ninjas wins access to Splunk Logs/Routers, FDA Rejects Pfizer Booster Shot for 16-65 Year Olds, Mayor asks School Board to Resign

Published on 18 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Cyber Ninjas will be allowed to examine the routers, passwords and Splunk Logs after an agreement to settle with Maricopa County over access. A special Master will be picked to provide answers to these questions to the Senate. The FDA has voted not to allow Pfizer booster shots to those 16 years old to 65 years old, due to possibility of developing myocarditis or an enlargement of the heart. New Yorkers to protest Vaccine Mandates today in Times Square, brawl breaks out at Carmine's restaurant over vaccine passport. LA Teacher caught with Black Lives Matter flag in classroom as well as F the Police banner and others. Trudeau continues to be booed at his campaign stops in Canada. Who is John Durham Jr? He used to head up Task Force Vulcan who was responsible for breaking up MS-13 in the United States. What is HR 666? President Trump sends letter to Georgia SOS Raffensperger. More news.


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Dje Wynne
Dje Wynne 28 days ago

Good Morning Ash!! You brought us such great news today! Check this out; there IS a government agency in place to fund care for "vaccine" related injuries. I think it was in place before the rollout began, which raises a whole bunch more questions. Aside from that people can receive care for their harms from this shot.

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Thanks Dje Wynne I hope one day the med beds will be free for all and anyone who was harmed from the vaccines will be made whole again.

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