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DOJ Hid 2018 Joe Biden Bribery Allegation, Where's Google's Larry Page? Comer Urges Delay, Mike Morell Misled Signers

Published on 08 May 2023 / In News and Politics

Joe Biden's bribery allegations had surfaced via an earlier whistleblower but the DOJ allegedly ignored them and then investigated the whistleblower. Just the news reported: "Bud Cummins, a former federal prosecutor, made the accusation to US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoff Berman back on October 4, 2018, dating to Biden's term as vice president, according to interviews and documents obtained by Just the News." Why were Mr. Cummins accusations ignored? Why was he then investigated instead of his claims looked into? The U.S. Virgin Island cannot locate Google Co-founder Larry Page. They seek to serve him a subpoena to appear in court in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case. California defaults on 18.6 billion dollars in debt saddling employers with the bill. Tucker Carlson reportedly spoke to Elon Musk about working together. Scientists discover gigantic structure under the surface of the moon, will they soon reveal that the moon is a fake satellite placed there by someone? Is there something inside the moon? James O'keefe raises questions about who could be behind Tucker's firing from Fox News. President of group tied to Hunter Biden business deals advising U.S. Military on "fiscal affairs and equipment". Hunter Biden's ex business partner urged to spill dirt. Who are the 9 secret intel officers who signed onto the Hunter Biden laptop disinformation later who cannot be named? Ballot signature matching system in Maricopa county Arizona is "almost illegal". Israeli whistleblower Dr. Gal Luft vanishes in Cyprus. Gold, oil and global currencies all entering a watershed moment. Central bank gold buying off to a record start in 2023, when will the gold and silver price move up significantly and stop being manipulated? House chairman urges DOJ delay Hunter Biden indictment until he can release new evidence Wednesday. New York City suburbs furious at Mayor Adams plan to send illegal aliens to hotels in the suburbs. Oklahoma governor defends decision to close PBS station over "indoctrination and oversexualization of children". Attorney's allege major misconduct in Georgia D.A.'s get Trump crusade. Ex- Cia chief Morrell misled signers of Hunter Biden spy letter. Vancouver police arrest man who opened illegal store selling "100 % Fentanyl Free" hard drugs. As title 42 ends New York City documents diseases from illegal aliens. As many as 50% of whom are not vaccinated against diseases like Polio. 600,000 people march in Jerusalem in favor of conservative government. Drone video shows huge line of hundred of migrants illegally crossed the southern border. Biden administration backs down in standoff with Catholic hospital over chapel candle. Maricopa county superior court order sets status conference Monday to consider Kari Lake's signature verification fraud challenge and possibly more. Robert Kennedy Junior blames the CIA for John F. Kennedy's assassination. Georgia passes law to crack down on far left prosecutors who are soft on crime. California task force ok's reparations that could cost the state 800 billion dollars. More news.

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