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Deep Repentance... Confronting Attitudes, Motives, and Thoughts

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Published on 24 Jun 2022 / In Spiritual

Repentance is where the message of Christ and His church begins.

Repentance is how we begin the process of self examination, self correction, and self awareness. Repentance is the process whereby we change the direction of our life towards life rather than death. Repentance has real psychological and spiritual benefits. Repentance has an ongoing role in the life of every believer!

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00:00 the handout
02:35 Jesus preached repentance
12:15 Self Examination
14:05 Dealing with guilt and remorse
16:50 Deeper repentance
19:02 The cycle of forgiveness
23:46 Scriptural example of deep repentance
43:44 Benefits of repentance
44:56 Commitment
48:90 A lifelong process
53:03 What does God want?

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Repentance begins our spiritual journey. In repentance we cry out to God for forgiveness. We accept Jesus Christ as our savior. We surrender ourselves completely to God: and make a conscious decision to obey:

1) we commit to a change in our behavior and obedience We surrender our self to his will and do what He instructs us to do

2) we commit our self to a complete rewiring of our mind and spirit. We trust God to take control of our life, to use instruction, together with trials,
suffering, and other life experience to learn about our self... often to learn the awful truth about our self... and work together with Him to change it.

Neither of these commitments is easy or pleasant.

We may be tempted to take back control of our life… stop trusting in God so much… stop surrendering when we think God is asking too much of us.
But when we put trust and surrender together with confidence and Faith in God’s ability to deliver we can experience a combination of peace and joy.

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