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Deadly Deception Lecture with Dr Robert E Willner filmed Dec. 7th, 1994

Joyce Bowen
Joyce Bowen - 129 Views
Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

“Shortly after Dr. Robert Willner started speaking out they took away his medical license. Four months after he made this video he died of a heart attack. Following are some quotes from the lecture- "We’re talking about probably the most horrible scandal and scam ever perpetrated not only in the name of science but in humanity and all history ." "I see an incredible parallel between what’s going on in the so-called aids epidemic and what happened in the years preceding and resulting in World War 2- the great lie of Hitler." "We have a better propaganda machine in the United States than Hitler had in his time." "Where was the press! Where are you people!!" "Scoundrels of the worst order, criminals guilty of genocide. I invite them to take me to court. I wish B ur-roughs would take me to court, because they’ve been putting out a killer drug knowingly because in a court of law I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence I have" "How does the press escape such obvious truths?" "It’s literally unbelievable with what they’re getting away with! How does the press let this go?? Oh an epidemic...there is no epidemic!" "And now they want to give us a va. ccine...." "It’s a scandal and a scam beyond belief. The virologists who are responsible for this, what do they have to gain? They’re all multi-millionaires." "That means that the test is 99.997% inaccurate. You want to take a test that is 3 thousands of a perfect right? And you’re going to rely on that?" "What do we have to say about the NIH when a private laboratory, independent laboratory, found AZT to be 1,000 times more toxic than the laboratory of the NIH. We can understand a 5 even 10% error, but a 10,000 % error. That’s fraud." "Epidemic? There is no epidemic. But who has to gain from this? That alone should alert the press to who’s telling the truth. And if you hear an argument amongst politicians and one calls the other names and doesn’t answer the specific charges scientifically, who’s the liar? Fa__ci and Ga__o, instead of answering the scientific conflicts and contradictions that Dr. Duesberg has so brilliantly pointed out they call him a homophobe." "I knew that if I didn’t do what was right that I’d end up cutting my throat while shaving in the morning because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself." "You don’t cross the establishment and so the lie is being perpetuated by the silence." I'm listening, Dr. Willner. Loud and clear. “

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