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COVID Cover Up w/ Dr. Judy Mikovits: The BioSecurity State Illusion That Led To Your "New Normal"

The Last American Vagabond
Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Joining me today is someone you are all very familiar with, and that's in large part due to the unjust suppression and censorship of her work and her efforts to expose the truth, and this speaks to the overwhelming desire for the unvarnished truth that is bubbling up in the masses as we speak. They now seek out exactly what they are told not to look at, at a level never before seen. We all at some level feel what a dangerous path we are on; we all feel to one degree or another the dishonestly, the lies, the tyrannical pressure building in our lives at very this moment, and this is why we are not just thirsty for, but bone dry parched and burning for the truth. So I am honored to be yet again be speaking with, researcher, scientist & medical professional, Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has made it her life mission to fight for that truth.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

If it was the LAST place on Earth, would you fight: too keep it???

You may see your self as A Spiritual Being in a MATERIALISTIC World, but what if I told you the Esoteric, and the Physical was connected, and if one World or Realm Dies, both Cease Too exist… If you have not caught on with this WAR OF THE WORLDS [life] @QBALL /_\ we are all living in this Celestial Sphere: The GREAT WORK of Purgatory……., than you are probably still under INDOCTRINATION and “infatuation” with FAKE Space, and FAKE Galaxies, and FAKE Star Ships that are nothing more than “Fantasy” made by FANTASIST!!! I was once like you…., and when I heard about Planet X..., and then FLAT EARTH.., no one would take “the time” too explain PROJECT BLUE BEAM to me where our Media be it Printed Works too the Moving Images on our Cell Phones TV Screens are all part of the DISTRACTION while our {World Leaders} plan to blow up the whole wide world in one Last Great Nuclear Hydrogen “War” in the hopes THEY LIVE can Cease to Exist., and stop all their [De-Ja-Vu] +=+ FREE MASON Lives…

Considering you probably have never heard of these People possessed by Evil Spirits, and Evil Thoughts, and Evil Intentions because you are a “nonmason” CITIZEN of your U.N. FLAG, let me tell you OUR STORY’ for WE THE PEOPLE are all children of {Incubator Babies} [{**}] from the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855….., and all our Parents, and our “Old People” on this side of FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere were murdered……, and killed in numbers that make this (covid19) Agenda 21 + 30 of JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 look like Darth Vader “playing” with children in a blender… You see…….., once the people from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH killed all our “Grown Ups” on this side of FLAT EARTH: they raised us to be their source of Food……..., and “THEY LIVE” feed off of WE ARE as we watch their U.N. FLAGS {NEWS} World Order of death, and mayhem, and WAR IS MURDER for Murder is all any FREE MASON Lodge Member knows…

However, let me get back to the “Spiritual” War between good and evil, and we can all be GOOD, and we can all be EVIL, but what has been lost is that Chaos, and Null, and Void: are destroying all things in the places you go to when you sleep and dream, and as that world dies, so do our Father Earth and Mother Heaven` The Dome of The Rock… Look at the Trees, do they look “healthy” this Autumn, or are their leaves just turning UGLY.?.?.?.?.?, and no more “Shimmers” of Gold, and Yellow, and Orange, and Red??? Maybe you are too young to “remember” that Trees in the FALL that once filled the Mountain Sides as FIRE after FIRE of Supernatural Means burns [our world] [{*}] into oblivion??? It is said: All life will end in 2094 C.E., and that by “2025” this next ATOMIC WAR will reduce 75% of all life before then, and by 2030 there will too few “humans” to do anything but let Automation Android Robots, and A.I. care for them…

I know many of you here in Halloween of 2020 were “raised” too be cowards, and never talk back to these TV SCREENS in your [bedrooms] / * \ that Watch You as you are “Hypnotized” by RAPTURE of the amazing distraction known as ENTERTAINMENT, and now you are “forced” too Wear a Muzzle called the Corona Mask when the Corona is just the COMMON COLD, but we are being Depopulated by the FREE MASON whom took over Our Police, Our Religions, Our Schools of Thoughts, Our Governments, OUR CORPORATIONS, and THEY LIVE are these {U.N. Troops} and their U.N. World Police Death Star “EMPIRE” on our side of flat earth, and if you do not kill “them” my nonmason; they will not just kill you: they will destroy [our side] of FLAT EARTH just as they decimated their side of FLAT EARTH called the WORLD OF THE DEAD in the Old Testament Bible, and that is our FATE, so what are you going to do about it???

Johnny Exodice


We have a way out, and it is called: OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION “Coalition” where all human UNITY can be restored, and all people no matter “your sex” are to be treated as family – friends – community: fighting all “U.N. FLAGS” for it is THE FLAG that says: Kill for Me, Die for Me, Bow Down….., and TAKE A KNEE TOO ME!!!!

However, that is these OLD PEOPLE, and their ways, and “they are” the OLD WINE SKINS in the NEW TESTAMENT, and only we the “Young” can become the NEW WINE SKINS` that save our World, and Planet, and Plane from OLD PEOPLE whom have gone mad, and lost their minds, and THEY LIVE will Turn Earth into “Krypton” where this time: no one leaves like Super man and Super girl` cause we live inside a Bubble called Our Celestial Sphere…

The Society of nonmason~


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