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Cops Kill Christian Glass For Mental Health Crisis - Scared The Cops Will Shoot Him - He Was Right

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Published on 25 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

Very Sad Video, This man should NOT have been shot, the cops forced and escalated this, set up situation to justify shooting. Police Are Absolutely The Enemy Of The People, no better than FBI, ATF or the rest of our crooked out of control Gov. smh

When will We The People start holding Gov Accountable?

WARNING: The following video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers, including gunshots, violence and graphic language.

Christian Glass, 22, called 911 to report that his vehicle had gotten stuck on a road in Clear Creek County, Colorado. During that call, he made statements that phycological experts said it was clear he was delusional and paranoid.

About an hour after arriving on the scene and pleading with Glass to get out of his car, a Clear Creek County deputy shot him five times. At the time he was shot, Glass was holding a knife that he picked up when the same officer broke a window of his car.

The video above is the full body camera footage from the deputy who shot glass.

#AnotherProudBlueLineMoment #BackTheBuleUntilItHappensToYou #goodluckamerica

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