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...cops are they traitors, is voting pointless, starmer = traitor & never forget?

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Published on 08 Jul 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

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...chevron deference huge win, will the US be the same, flags, simpsons & health?
09.17 chevron goes down
12.45 4th july wake up
14.05 what do flags mean
15.31 usa will not be the same
16.48 turmp jr made this post
17.02 predictive programming 9,11
19.04 simpsons king
20.33 simpsons predictions
22.19 starmer on children
23.37 sunak dream supper
24.52 sunak says it all
25.05 sunak scum
26.35 Royalty Divine Right or Deception
28.21 3 in marriage
32.40 Moncef Slaoui & His Wife Are Princess Diana & Dodi AlFayed
36.40 Rolls-Royce Phantom III 1936
37.41 nutters Peterson
42.06 diabetis fixed
42.45 age spots cure
44.01 allergies & headaches
44.41 celtic sea salt
46.12 inflamation
46.12 inflamation
48.06 processed food
49.35 prime sued
50.35 red bull under microscope

52.28 z jack shit 1
53.27 z devide and conquor
54.25 z jacko tennis ceylon Ceylon Ceylon Ceylon ceylon ceylon ceylon mark ceylon mark ceylon ceylonx ceylonx ceylon.goodf @ceylonxm

...chevron deference huge win, will the US be the same, flags, simpsons & health?

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