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CirstenW, The BIG STING. Watermarked Election Ballots, Amy Coney Barrett, Financial RESET Done, Amy Trump, QVS, QFS, USA Flag, Black-Out, A.G. Barr, AntiChrist

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Published on 07 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

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Stan campfield
Stan campfield 22 days ago

Pain coming for deep state. Keep fighting. Truth wins and God wins. Good job guys.

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Denise T
Denise T 23 days ago

Wow we just love Asian and Indian food.

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Puppykisser 23 days ago

Couldn’t agree more! Execute these bastards! Period. I’m not being cruel... we have every right to live free... the swamp creatures have no value, they add nothing to our country.. they are beyond change... and right now they want nothing more then our suffering... our money, our blood, these insane bastards want to enslave us beyond imagination.If you’re asking me to show compassion to the tormentors instead of the tormented.... Will never happen... These bastards are what they are... a scorpion will sting you, it knows nothing else... these swamp creatures are morally corrupt, selfish, egotistical swine they have no mercy, empathy or compassion for humanity! They need to be put to death. They are incapable of change.. They enjoy living off our misery. I will knot the nooses, plug in the electric chair, kick the chair out from under their smelly feet, load the syringes! Lol ... seriously, we deserve our God given freedoms. Their fate needs to be put in God’s hands... we owe these pedophiles nothing... not a damn thing. Grab the traitors and all the “ human “ trash... we can take care of this crap in a week.

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