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ChristianPatriotNews - Trump Card Coming The Clock is Ticking Boom Week Ahead Done in 30.This broadcast was done on 4-18-2023mp4

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 333 Views
Published on 21 Apr 2023 / In Spiritual

Things that are part of the full wake-up plan -- Morpheus 9-11
This broadcast was done on 4-18-2023

CONFESSION: “I WAS AN IDIOT” ….(and probably still am):

I believed John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald…

I believed Robert Kennedy + Martin Luther King were assassinated just as it was reported by Mainstream Media…

I believe the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars were based on justified causes….

I believed Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were good men doing a good job instead of what they really were.

I believed all the Major Media Network Newscasts were accurately reporting the news.

I believed that elections were “Rigged” in other countries, but certainly not here.

I believed our entire Medical System was completely dedicated to saving lives and healing illnesses.

Yes, I was a “USEFUL IDIOT” and am not proud to admit it. I was awoken to reality only a couple of years ago due to broadcasts like this one. THANK YOU !!!.... Unfortunately, there are tens of millions of “USEFUL IDIOTS” that are still asleep.


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