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Christian Relics, The Shroud, Holy Lance, Nails, What's Real, What's Not?

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Published on 19 Jun 2024 / In People and Blogs

The Holy Lance; also known as the Spear of Destiny or the Lance of Longinus. Several appx 3 have been recorded throughout history. The Gospel of Nicodemus refers to the Roman centurion who stabbed Jesus as Longinus.

On June 15th, 1098, the army of the First Crusade discovered the Holy Lance – the very spear claimed to had pierced Christ's side on the cross - in the city of Antioch.

Hitler went looking for it also, anyone possessing it gains (Demonic) power.

Jesus was just one of thousands of Jews who were crucified The chances of anyone stealing The spear from a Roman Soldier was zip. If would take years before anyone would even think of it as a relic to be prized.

The Nails; The nails were kept in the Secure Artefacts Section of the Vatican.
Think of the crucifixion they take 3 nails out of a bucket and nail Jesus to a cross, after He is dead, they take Him down, remove the nails and throw them back in the same bucket, years would pass before they would be considered relicts to be prized?

Amalric I, the Christian king of Jerusalem (1162-1174), wrote of the finds in the Holy Land: “The relics included the most precious evidence of the Passion of Our Lord, namely, the cross, nails, lance, sponge, reed, crown of thorns, shroud, and the sandals.”

Sponge went back into the bucket with the others, Crown of Thorns, the reed thrown on the ground and the sandals were with the cloths and went to the roman soldier who won it when they cast lots.

Shroud of Turin; In 1578, the Savoys moved the shroud to their new capital in Turin, where it has remained ever since. Since 1683, it has been kept in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud,

Carbon dated; The image is not paint but burned into the cloth like an x-ray.
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