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CANDACE OWENS vs CHELSEA HANDLER : don't tell us what to do !!

AnonArrow2 - 218 Views
Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

#CandaceOwens #HOLLYWEIRD
Chelsea Handler, comedian and ex-girlfriend to 50 cent rapper who endorses Trump, tells him he can't vote for Trump because he's black. Candace Owens, RIP HER A NEW ONE !!

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ShawNaNaNa 30 days ago

OH DEAR, Chelsea is way off her game. Probably out of her mind and Adrenochrome too. But But But she's liberal, she can't be racist. LOL

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Puppykisser 1 month ago

That relationship has plenty of issues but who cares.
Now isn’t it oddly disgusting how there is always some arrogant, controlled ,entitled well known white asshole at the ready to swoop down like a damn bat and redirect any black person if they get out of line and actually have individual opinions and thoughts. There will always be some agenda driven Tramp like Chelsea Handler or a plantation owner like PedoJoe Biden living in the big house ready to jump in to remind you that if you think for yourself You Aren’t Black! Remember, you have to be told what to think! Now get back in line ! Now... that’s a good boy ,Chelsea may go that extra mile to reward you ... all you had to do was get cut off at the knees and lose your dignity and self worth. Creatures like that are the enemy of humanity. They are the lowest forms of human garbage. Imagine what arrogance that bitch has that her opinion alone compelled her to call out this man for electing someone that best suits him. I guess he was getting a bit too uppity an Chelsea needed to put him back in line. Remember Biden said it himself... You ain’t black if you think for yourself. Sorry guys but that bitch lit a fire under my ass with her ignorant toilet mouth!

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NappyNancyBear 1 month ago

She is rude and disgusting. How dare she!

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steevy4554 1 month ago

Chelsea Handler is trying to prostitute herself for a Biden vote?? Not only is this pathetic but it shows how screwed up her moral compass is.

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