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Buy TP Get A Rifle - Looters Beware

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Published on 30 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Black Rain Ordnance is Covering your ASS!

Due to the rising public concerns and shortages of basic public goods, we at Black Rain have decided to pool our resources and start selling those basic necessities. Starting now until all supplies are gone, we will be selling toilet paper on our website at a discounted priced, and to cover all of our customers' needs, we will be throwing in a free Spec15 Rifle with Every Roll!


People are lining up to buy guns because they're afraid they'll be looted amid the coronavirus crisis

Guns and ammunition are among the many items that people are panic-buying as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread through the US.

So many people are lining up at gun shops and ordering online that some retailers have had to put limits on sales because of a supply shortage, according to USA Today.

On Sunday morning, a long line formed outside Martin Retting Guns store in Culver City, California, before the shop was even open, according to USA Today.

"People are scared," said Drew Plotkin of Los Angeles told USA Today. "There's a lot of panic in the world and people want to be protected for the worst-case scenario."


Liberals ready to fulfil promises in 2020 budget

Experts say it’s unlikely we’ll see pharmacare or a higher capital gains rate

The federal Liberals hold a strong hand as they prepare to table the federal budget, the first of the new minority government, experts suggest.

The government will focus on implementing campaign promises in its 2020 budget — and the Liberals won’t have to worry about making major concessions to win Opposition support.


What Is Gun Control in Canada Like?

Understanding the Canadian Firearms Program

The federal government is primarily responsible for guns and gun control in Canada. Legislation covering guns and gun control in Canada consists mainly of Part II of the Criminal Code of Canada and its related regulations, as well as the Firearms Act and its related regulations.

The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is responsible for the administration of the Firearms Act. This legislation covers the possession, transportation, use, and storage of firearms in Canada.

The CFP handles the licensing of individuals and maintains a national database of firearms records. Additional laws and regulations also apply at the provincial and municipal levels of government. Hunting regulations are a good example of these additional regulations.
Classes of Guns in Canada

Canadian firearms regulations classify some firearms by their physical characteristics, such as barrel length or type of action, and others by make and model. There are three classes of firearms in Canada: non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited.


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