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Burgess Owens Gets Into HEATED Debate About Black Fathers!

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Published on 02 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Black conservative House Rep from Utah, Burgess Owens, got into a heated debate about black fathers during a House Judiciary hearing. The hearing was not necessarily about black fathers at all, but the subject was bound to... (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES:

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I think Mr Owens would exactly agree with you. He has only a few minutes to put forth his case. When I was 17, i made a comment about having a meaningful marriage. A Negro who overheard me, scorned me, saying: "Oh you still believe in that out dated idea!" That was in 1969. That was the first time i had ever heard that idea. A few years later, I was being involved with fornication myself. In 1975 I repented of my drunkenness and fornication. and I made the commitment that I would never have intimacy with another woman until it was in marriage. That decision didn't hinge on anything a woman did or didn't do. I think that is the idea he is conveying; and I'm confident it he would lay it out completely, he would admonish the women to fear the Lord, get their life in order. - and they better.
We don't need marijuana revenue. we need a spanking.

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Gunpatch 19 days ago

The Demoncrats foster dependence. The more people who are dependent on them, the more power the Demoncrats have over them. It's all about dependence and control. Those who learn to depend on themselves, their families and God, know just how important freedom is. Without personal responsibility, liberty can not prevail.

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no0negun 22 days ago

Why won’t the left listen to Mr Owens? Seems like he knows this topic quite well.

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Stackie227 22 days ago

@no0negun: The left do not want to listen, they want a broken home.. It is easier to control when there is no nuclear family.

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Theroadtroll 23 days ago

Nadler wants the pot tax to form a new Dept to discourse funds to black communities.then all the politicians kids can get a cushy will be like salvation army type charities.1%goes to people and 99%goes to administrative costs.divorce is definitely a factor.although both come from a differant generation.your both on the right track.time to try something differant

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