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Burgess Owens answers 20+ questions about the 2nd Amendment with Utah Gun Exchange Owner Sam Robinson

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Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

The base 20 questions we asked Burgess are as follows:

What is your understanding of the purpose of the Second Amendment?
Do you believe the Second Amendment acknowledges an American citizen’s individual right to keep and bear arms?
What have you done to defend the Second Amendment?
What will you do to defend the Second Amendment?
Do you support gun-free zones, either public or private?
Will you ever support any bans or limitations on any particular firearms?
Will you ever support any bans or limitations on firearm accessories including bump fire stocks, performance trigger replacements and trigger enhancements?
Will you ever support raising the age to purchase a firearm?
Will you ever support Universal Background Checks?
Will you ever support any legislation that eliminates the private transfer of firearms without a background check?
Will you ever support any legislation that supports gun registration?
Will you ever support any legislation that supports a background check with a tie-in to medical records?
Do you support Concealed Firearm Permit limitations or expansion?
Do you support National Reciprocity?
Do you support the right to openly carry firearms?
Should a private business be liable for injury or death to a patron if it bans firearms on its premises?
Would you ever support a waiting period on the purchase of a firearm?
Will you ever support legislation that allows firearms to be taken from a person not convicted of a crime or without due process of law? Will you work to fix statutes that allow for that now?
Do you own firearms?
Do you shoot, and if so, how often?

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Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson 2 years ago

Congratulations on a well run and clean campaign Burgess! You are the champ and a class act!

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LinzSavvy 2 years ago

My Father is God, but I wish this man, Burgess was my dad!

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Sunrider 2 years ago

Burgess is a REAL conservative and patriot. We should all support him in his bid for Congress. We would all be 100% better off if all our Representatives were like him !!!

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Comrade Pikachu
Comrade Pikachu 2 years ago

Hold up. This guy is a politician?! Lol color me surprised. He really doesn't sound like a politician. He's not apologetic enough. ???

I'm glad there are still boomers out there who are chill like this. ????✌??

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SliceOfLife 2 years ago

"What good is it to 'Read and Write' if we don't educate ourselves?" -Burgess Owens
This was hands down one of my favorite things I heard listening to this. So many people believe everything they hear about guns, and they spread this misinformation. Way to often we find that individuals go to push an agenda or idea, and they don't do any research or put just a little critical thinking in, to evaluate whether it's a good or bad idea to spread the information. I mean come on, we all know you cant trust what you read on the internet.

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