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Burger King Rebrands as Burger Drag Queen

David Knight
David Knight - 582 Views
Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Every chicken sandwich sold contributes to an LGBT organization that promotes physical & sexual child abuse with gender gaslighting

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JamesRoss 3 years ago

The Mystery School Cult of thUgs are mostly actors and actresses serving the desires of Homo capensis... the satan-race.
They now implant bio-robot brainchips into the unsworn to turn them into zombies... (brainchipzombies unaux com)
If you have any trouble with the thUgs, I can help you survive. It is all about survival within the physical world until you realize that your are truly a spiritual-being and not so physical after all. Be very careful who you believe, since you are naturally a truth-seeker by Godly design.
Have fun with your life.

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Boetie 3 years ago

Burger Crap. US Corporations are demonic in essence. The food, the drugs, the vaccines, the US tech. All are ruled by satanists. Synagogue of Satan Wall Street. Nothing coming from corporate America is sane. It is all EVIL. People in USA and the rest of the world should understand that transnationals like Mc Donalds and Burger King are truly anti human. They all pretend being progressive and liberal while promoting medical tyranny and collaborating with tyrannies like China. All of corporate America is evil. All of it is HELL.

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