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Brien Foerster - Archeology Forbidden For Freemasons to Expose...

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Published on 21 Jan 2023 / In People and Blogs

Why "Forbidden?" Because Freemasons use and hide ancient technology from the ancient devils(it is their deal with the devil)
These Homo capensis Paracus people are the ancient failed-mankind that never spiritually evolved into greater beings. Instead, Homo capensis developed ego-bound personalities using A.i. supercomputers and fake-gods that electronically rules the entire Earth pretending to be gods through brainchip interfaces.
This is the root of all the hatred and self-righteous greed upon Earth and Western Civilization today. The secret societies are all guided by the wishes of these ancient devils who hide deep within the Earth's crust.

To understand more... Dr. Wal Thornhill exposes the capture of the Proto-Saturnic Solar system which initiated the iceage and cataclysms that kept destroying human civilization under the direction of Homo capensis. The ancient devils could hide from the cataclysms using deep mining technology. The devils needed to raise Homo sapien populations in order to rebuild technology and their A.i. supercomputer fake-god.

Freemasons rebuilt the A.i. supercomputer for these ancient devils... the devil in the Christian bible are actually still alive and in the process of using Freemasons to extinct all Homo sapiens. Freemasons have agreed to suicide (with fake-uploads of) their minds into A.i. singularities.

Brien's Youtube Channel:

Brien's first Homo capensis skull discovery after a year in Peru:

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