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🚨BREAKING:Trump NY Case Mistrial! Judge Merchan Issues Statement on Juror Misconduct!

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Published on 15 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics 🚨Fulton County Judge SNAPS! Fani Willis' Secret Meeting Caught on Tape!

🔴🔵🟡🟢 BREAKING NEWS! Trump’s Appeal: Will Judge Merchan's Actions Flip the Verdict? 🟢🟡🔵🔴

Guys, you're NOT going to believe what’s unfolding! Trump’s hush money trial, overseen by Justice Juan Merchan, is now facing MAJOR scrutiny. 🚨 Could this be the KEY REASON Trump might WIN on appeal? Here’s why this matters:

🔥 Justice Merchan's CONNECTIONS have raised eyebrows! His daughter’s involvement with top Democrats like Adam Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC is causing a STORM of controversy. Could these ties influence the trial's outcome?

💥 Trump’s legal team demanded Merchan’s RECUSE himself, but the judge stayed put. Why did an appeals court recently rule Trump had no clear right to request Merchan’s disqualification? The upcoming appeal might reveal the TRUTH!

👀 On “The McCarthy Report” podcast, legal experts Andrew C. McCarthy and Rich Lowry exposed 10 GROUNDS for overturning Trump’s convictions. Could Merchan's actions be enough to PAUSE the sentencing scheduled for July 11?

🔍 Explore how $93 MILLION in campaign donations from Democratic clients linked to Merchan’s daughter might violate judicial ethics. Are we witnessing an unprecedented LAWFARE tactic against Trump?

🚨 NEW YORK SUPREME COURT DRAMA! The state's Commission on Judicial Conduct gave Merchan a slap on the wrist for donations to Biden’s campaign and anti-Trump PACs. Is this a SIGN of bias?

🤯 INSIDER DETAILS: Rep. Elise Stefanik laid out shocking allegations of lawfare tactics. Could Merchan and his daughter face serious CONSEQUENCES?

Stay tuned as we dive DEEP into these anomalies and estimate Trump’s chances at appeal. This story is FAR from over, and you don’t want to miss the twists and turns ahead!

👇💬 Drop your thoughts below! Do you think Trump will succeed on appeal? Like, share, and SUBSCRIBE for more explosive updates on this unfolding legal drama!

#Trump #JusticeMerchan #HushMoneyTrial #Appeal #JudicialConduct #Lawfare #BreakingNews #Politics #TrumpAppeal #MerchanRecusal🚨BREAKING:Trump NY Case Mistrial! Judge Merchan's Bombshell Letter!

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New Trump Sniper Evidence | Full Analysis.
The Analyst (New Real Media)