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🔴Trump Judge Merchan HAS A BIG PROBLEM | Trump is CRUSHING Biden!!

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Published on 29 May 2024 / In News and Politics

Check out Roger's Stone Zone show: Stephen Gardner and Roger Stone dive deep into the Trump and Biden re-election campaign and discuss strategy.

*Biden vs. Trump Speeches:*
"Within days of each other, Biden told Black Americans at Morehouse College they are victims in a country that doesn't love them, while Trump, speaking in the Bronx, emphasized hard work, opportunity, and a nation that loves and needs them. Roger, what are your thoughts on these contrasting messages?"

*Laura Loomer's Investigations:*
"Laura Loomer's work has revealed Rep. Dan Goldman, Hakeem Jeffries, and Gov. Kathy Hochul sending large sums of money to Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter's home. Biden and Kamala Harris are also contracting with her. How has this judge not recused himself from the Trump case, and are we witnessing the Merchan family dynasty being funded by Trump haters?"

*Trump's Progress:*
"Despite ongoing challenges, Trump seems to be gaining traction. Roger, in what ways is Trump winning and trending in the right direction?"

*Trump vs. Biden Debate:*
"Looking ahead, how do you think the first debate between Trump and Biden will unfold? If Biden loses, is this a signal for the DNC to consider removing him before their convention in August?"

*RFK Jr.'s Role:*
"With your extensive election experience, how do you see RFK Jr. impacting this election? Is he helping or hurting the political landscape?"

*Florida Legal Battle:*
"Jack Smith demanded Judge Aileen Cannon gag Trump for accusing Biden and the DOJ of authorizing excessive force during the Mar-a-Lago raid. The judge has refused and plans to redact even more. What are your thoughts on this situation in Florida?"

*Possible Trump Imprisonment:*
"In New York, there are reports that the Secret Service is in talks with the police and jail about Trump’s accommodations. Is this standard protocol, or are they seriously preparing to jail Trump?"

*Follow Roger Stone:*
"Roger, thank you for your insights. How can people keep up with your latest updates and follow you?"

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