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Boycott Target goes Viral, #2 on iTunes, Bashing Pride Month Merchandise Aimed at Children. Walmart Production?

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Published on 30 May 2023 / In News and Politics

Boycott Target goes Viral, #2 on iTunes, Bashing Pride Month Merchandise Aimed at Children. Walmart Production? Crushing the Competition?

Was this a republican or a Walmart production. Walmart’s move to crush the competition.
Anti-Target rap hits #2 on iTunes
The song takes aim at the retailer's controversial Pride Month kids’ collection, which triggered a nationwide boycott
The song “Boycott Target” by conservative rappers Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy hit #2 on iTunes’ hip-hop chart on Monday, riding a wave of conservative backlash against the big-box retailer over its Pride Month merchandise aimed at children.
The song features repetitive lyrics about how Target is “targeting your kids” with propaganda and demands an end to the LGBTQ “agenda.” Its music video shows the rappers sauntering around a Target store mocking LGBTQ-themed merchandise (including rainbow-labeled bottles of alcohol and ‘inclusive’ tampons) and surplus Bud Light. 
As of Monday, the clip had racked up 4.3 million views on Twitter alone. A retweet from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) helped draw attention to the single, as has Blow’s relentless promotion on social media.
Blow (real name Kurt Jantz), who tweets as “Trump’s Nephew,” refers to himself as the “mayor of MAGAville,” and has a tattoo of the former US president on his thigh, has made a career out of right-wing hip-hop, releasing dozens of songs lionizing conservative figures including but not limited to Donald Trump. He is not actually the real estate mogul’s nephew.
Calls to boycott Target arose earlier this month as customers protested the retail chain’s in-store displays for Pride Month – an annual LGBTQ event held in June. In addition to shirts with slogans like “live laugh lesbian” and “trans people will always exist,” a “tuck-friendly swimsuit” designed to facilitate concealment of the male genitalia attracted negative attention, although a spokesperson for the retailer insisted the “tuck-friendly” label was only present on adult sizes. 
Target management reportedly instructed staff at stores in multiple southern states to move the Pride merchandise to the back of the store following the first inklings of discontent, hoping to avoid the fate of Budweiser, which has lost millions of dollars after a Bud Light ad campaign starring controversial trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney outraged the beer’s core demographic.

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