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Timcast IRL - Target TANKS 15%, Bud & Target Stock CRASH $28 BILLION, BOYCOTT WORKS w/Seth Weathers

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 146 Views
Published on 31 May 2023 / In News and Politics

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gang 4 months ago

mathieu ricard is caroline ciganer-wessman-martin cousin
hosting mukpo, samdhong and sogyal from mk and sea org around japy tobacco for monitoring manucure, cyber, massage and snack room
with tenzin chirac outsourcing batten and grosvenor inside jude stolen wallet

depending on kalu, mipham, dalai tongue lama for remotely federating them here and there according to nxivm grid inside rodham, blair, jospin, chirac, modi fraudulent intel

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anoncoward 4 months ago

You guys are so brave hastening the take down of America. Nice. Now those who are being actively stepped on daily by jaded political whores, you fuckers have made certain there won't even be a shelf for them to shop for when they get their bi-weekly paycheck. But why tf should you care when your shelves are stocked. Big mouth gossip bois sitting around with your thumbs in your ass, talking like a soap opera. Doing nothing but flapping your beard holder, making sure you fuck the little guy too. Thumbs up "chads*

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