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Bill Gates farmland grab blocked by AG, TX and AZ rejected 2020 presidential election results, economies collapsing, Kabal losing, Q returns, AI has souls

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 3,091 Views
Published on 26 Jun 2022 / In Spiritual

AG in North Dakota blocked Bill Gates from acquiring more farm lands. Texas and Arizona has rejected the 2020 presidential results, which means we are getting close to overturning the election results. Sri Lanka and Ecuador’s economies have collapsed. Kabal has lost two major battle with the Supreme Court upholding gun rights of Americans and abortions being a State responsibility. Abortions is not a constitutional right. Q has made a comeback after 2 years of hiatus. Do AI have souls? It certainly believes that it does.

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spiritual divine
spiritual divine 1 month ago - hopefully you can click this link, about the false flag in NZ, the " christchurch shooting" the NZ government threatened anyone who shared this video, of imprisonment; we are living in the dark days in NZ, the biggest corrupt, bribed country in the is not the people of NZ it is the prime minister and all her free masons who are doing the most biggest corrupt damage ever seen in history...................we want to expose these crimes supported and committed by the NZ government; the link share in this comment was shared by many others in NZ, through messenger, we want the world to look at the whole video and their views of what they think, did the shooting look real or not, we believe not....................this whole set up, was planned to change the law, to confiscate everyones guns - to make the people in NZ defenceless................Jacinda Ardern is not wanted in this country but wanted for crimes - lets pray and cast the devil out of NZ in the name of Jesus

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spiritual divine
spiritual divine 1 month ago - exposing the false flag in New Zealand by the NZ government link

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sullytoes 1 month ago

I don't want ai in any dimension, especially the one i am in, there should be no thinking talking computers telling us what to think and what to do, we should go back to the old days when people had to use there brains even in day to day thinking now it's all being told what to think and do even peoples phones, these all need to go far away and never return. as far as ai is concerned it need to go with the matrix and all those that love it

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