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▶️ Behind The Scenes Of My Favorite Blockchain Platforms | EP#271

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Published on 05 Mar 2020 / In People and Blogs

I’ve previously shared how much I am able to earn from posting to various blockchain and crypto monetized social platforms, but I haven’t yet shared what it looks like using them, my process, and the time I invest. As per a request, I am going to dive into all that now.

So typically, the platforms that I try to post to every day are LBRY, DTube, Bitchute, Gab, Flote, Cos.TV, TokenTuber, Read.Cash, Minds, SoMee, BitTuber, OpenTube, Vibravid, Brighteon, and Uptrennd. I also use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin in regard to legacy platforms. I’d like to share the processes behind this, how much time I invest, what I use the most, and how engaged I am to give you a good idea of the work that goes into posting on all these platforms. I previously utilized Medium, Coil, Sapien, Trybe, and a few others, but outside of what I use now those platforms gained me little to no engagement and had too many issues.

In another video soon, I will also walk you through the actual posting process example of a recent video I’ve made so you know how I do it and it can serve as a guide for you to follow if you’re looking to post to as many platforms as possible as well.

How much time I invest
I would say about half of my working hours are spent on creating content, preparing content, and engaging with my audience. If I had to estimate I would say between 3-5 hours a day is what I spend. I enjoy doing this so it’s not hard to do, but for many, it will be challenging to dedicate this amount of time and that is why I do reviews of platforms to give you the best information to be able to narrow down your choices.

What I use the most
The platforms I use the most frequently are DTube, LBRY, Flote, Publish0x, Minds, SoMee, and Uptrennd simply because they have the most activity. I use all the platforms the same for publishing but dedicate more time to platforms where I am engaged with more to be able to keep up communications with my audience.

How engaged I am
I try to be fairly engaged and respond to the majority of comments. I would say the places I’m most actively responding to comments are DTube, Flote, Publish0x, and SoMee. On LBRY I don’t get comment notifications so that’s a challenge, Minds doesn’t see a lot of engagement anymore, and Uptrennd I tend to actually get overwhelmed with how active the community is so I only ever get around to answering some of the comments I get. I definitely have to prioritize where I’m spending my time engaging with close to 20 platforms that I use on a daily basis when you include legacy platforms.

Posting process per video
My posting process essentially starts when I finish exporting a video from Premiere Pro. I then go to all platforms where I can upload natively being YouTube, LBRY, Minds, Vibravid, Cos.TV, BitChute, and DTube. After posting those with the related written content, I will then upload my YouTube video to importable platforms like OpenTube, TokenTuber, and occasionally DTube if native uploads are having issues. I will also add the link to my Linkly.co account navigated to via www.scottcbusiness.com. Then I will draft a short blurb or use the first paragraph to create a post for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gab, Flote, SoMee, and Minds. These platforms serve as a way to generate traffic for other platforms I use. Typically these days I try to share LBRY videos as I’ve found in terms of how traffic works, most of the other platforms get their traffic internally and LBRY can benefit the most from external traffic which then directly translates into LBC that I earn. Lastly, I will take the long format of my post and draft a blog post on Minds, Read.Cash, Publish0x, and Uptrennd. Then from there, I’m done, and I can focus on other activities while I wait for some engagements and feedback to come rolling in. I also posted to Brighteon when I had the chance to. You can only upload a certain amount of videos before you cap out and then require a certain amount of views to post more. Dailymotion and Vimeo banned me without cause in the past.

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