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Artisans: Facilitators of Dominion

Cleansing the Academy
Cleansing the Academy - 341 Views
Published on 07 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

Vocational trades/crafts are a gift bestowed from the Lord God upon His image bearers. The Creator desires His once "very good" creation to have dominion of the earth, practicing His holy will. Likewise, idolatrous dominion can be exercised, inspired by devils who act contrary to Logos (Christ Jesus). Skilled labor manifests spiritual sovereignty within the public/private spheres.

Prayerfully study and discern as you pursue the things of the Lord God: - Medieval Life: Estates of the Realm - Ryan Reeves - Education in America, 20th Century Developments - Coronet Instructional Films - Benefit & Value of Biblical Work Ethic - Reg Kelly - [email protected]

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