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Armed Citizen Stops Mall Shooting Once Again In El Paso, Texas

MAGAA777 - 175 Views
Published on 10 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

El Paso Mall Shooting

The gun control lobby loves to argue that if we let more people carry guns, there will be more shootings, and theyโ€™re right; there will be more self-defense shootings.

Here we have another mall shooting stopped by a "good guy with a gun" where according to the El Paso police department, a private citizen with a firearm drew their weapon and injured the shooting suspect at the Cielo Vista Mall on Wednesday evening.

The gun control lobby also likes to argue that mass shootings are rarely stopped by concealed carriers, which is the most dishonest argument to make, considering the vast majority of mass shootings happen in places where law-abiding citizens are NOT allowed to carry a gun.

What this concealed carrier did is one more example of establishing a new reality for criminals.

As more people start exercising their right to carry, the more criminals will have to deal with the fact that they may be shot before they can finish their crime.

I want to live in a society where criminals are just as afraid or more of the citizens they may try to victimize.

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MAGAA777 3 months ago

Carry your GUN don't care about their GUN take away LOBBYING! Save lives who the illegal gun owners are hurting!

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