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Arizona BANS Electronic Voting Machines, Dominion Voting Says THEY ARE GOING UNDER

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 183 Views
Published on 24 May 2023 / In News and Politics

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sKiTzo247 4 months ago

The dirty dems lost by such a huge margin, that even with Dominion flipping the votes, it was still nowhere near enough to be close. The REAL cheating takes place during the "extended" period after election night where they just keep counting indefinitely until they've produced enough fraudulent ballots to win. What was it, an extra 10-12 days? We saw the exact same thing in the midterms when they stole the senate. HERE IS HOW THEY ARE DOING IT: In all of the videos that were posted by whistleblowers of the shenanigans taking place at the voting and tabulation centers, you'll notice that all of the election "officials" are democrats because if a republican official was there he would not just let them cheat. I believe there are supposed to be an equal number of officials from each party running the voting and tabulating but this is clearly not the case. If a republican was there, they wouldn't be able to pull off such blatant fraud. First, they make sure that their moles are in charge of the hiring of volunteers and election officials that will run the voting centers. Then they have a bunch of democrats register as republicans who then get hired as election officials. Once this is done, they can do whatever they want and that is exactly what we saw them do.

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