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@apfns Honors Blue Lives ICE & 827G 6-28-2020 Tom Clancys The Division Live on DLive_x264.mp4

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Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In Gaming


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

The FREE MASON Lodges can no longer FAKE SPACE……, or use (Space Command) to do another "Atomic Holocaust" as was done....., and covered up from the TIME LINE of 1853 C.E. to 1854 C.E. where all Humans have been RAISED on TV ever since 1893 A.D. and these #QANON [Comics Books] TV Talking Heads say THEY LIVE them evil spirits in their minds {do not know} /_\ about our Celestial Sphere MUD FLOOD History.?.?.?.?


At 4:18 it is now Perfectly Clear what we are calling MUD FLOODS are actually just the DIRT and Debris from the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 COVER UP by the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATIONS whom want nothing but to keep [we the people] / * \ in CONTINUAL Corporate War.... #DRUNKENREBEL

At 16:06 is it a Lithograph that turns The PHOTO into a Drawing Type Ink and Pen PHOTO Editing Tool??? and they are not Crystal Palaces, they are old ZEPPELIN Work and Repair places for the PRE MUD FLOOD Air Trains of Tartaria.... Stinking Chaldean's Took and ruined it all!!! #Dishman

The Society of nonmason~

WAR IS MURDER…, and them whom do MURDER are “Guilty” under The RULE OF LAW!!!

The Southern Republic…

Why can't we just SCAN our Pentagram Stars on our CORPORATION National USA I.D., so We The People can just VOTE “from our” +=+ Phones with all them BAR CODES for (COVID19) Tracking on the back of our Drivers Licenses.?.?.?.?

I will TELL YOU WHY nonmason’ cause the C.O.P.S. and the Religions, and The Government are all {U.N. FLAGS} [{**}] of their FREE MASON Mob “WAR Racket” where they don’t want the masses to know [{**}] NO ONE IS EVER ELECTED!!!

You just do online Banking????

What of online Stocks. And Bondage TRADING on the New York STOCK Exchange?.?.?.?

Fuck all that shit and “too hell” with letting you Humans aka NONMASON “whom want” to do ONLINE VOTING from your SECURED Homes, and Abodes in your ISOLATION “Quarantine” #QANON Lives where YOUR PC and Laptops [are held] in your 4th AMENDMENT U.S. Citizens possession!!!



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