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Anti Christ Alive / Beast System Built?

Final Days Report
Published on 16 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Is the Anti Christ Alive

I cover three dreams about the beast system including the birth of the anti Christ with creepy verification.   It appears the beast system will be tied to AI and the internet of things.   I'm now convinced the vaccine will tie you into the internet of things and transhumanism.   Your DNA is being changed (see other vaccine videos).

Another Anti Christ dream:

Becoming Mainstream AI Gods = Nero Link

Bible With New Eyes with Quantum Computing Allow Satan to be Omnipresent - From an Article Below 

Entire fields of science are now racing towards achieving Singularity (The merging of man's biological thinking and existence with technology to the point there is no distinction between human and machine), scientists are planning it for the future, here's some recent news headlines:

Former Google and Uber engineer is developing an AI ‘god’
Why humans will happily follow a ROBOT messiah: Religions based on AI will succeed because we tend to 'worship supreme understanding', claim experts
Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence Wants Machines To Be In Charge Of The Planet
Inside The First Church Of Artificial Intelligence
The Rise of AI: Give Me That New Time Religion?
The world’s next great religion could have a ROBOT God because humans are pre-programmed to worship things more intelligent than ourselves, experts claim

Remember, the anti christ wants your soul and has come to kill steal and destroy

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