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Analogue Handheld Communications Radio Menu Items Explained by NotARubicon

JamesRoss - 165 Views
Published on 25 Aug 2023 / In Technology

This will also help:

Digital cellular communication is used by Freemasons and communists for information gathering for the NWO-takeover by the World-Wide-Cult. And to conduct WW3-hivemind instructions/commands against the non-Cult people. There is a semantic, A.i. supercomputer modelling their interactive Agenda2030 to genocide the oblivious sheeple. Covid-19 was the beginning of WW3 which began April 1st, 2020... Covid-19 is not a virus, it is translated from the Bible concordances to mean "Satan's Sheep Slaughter."

Prepare for analog communication and learn what all the acronyms are used in most of these small handhelds.
The NWO controls the microwave towers to control you.
You can setup your own repeater station for just a hundred dollars and have a good 50 mile radius range of private-ish communications when you realize cellphones communications are compromised by communist/Freemason thUgs hiding everywhere in the human herd, telling you what to do.

You really should start getting yourself familiar with alternate communication methods other than you Cult-controlled cellphone and landline phone. Do not buy a digital two-way radio because it has to go back to the cellular tower prison-grid. You need to become independent from the Freemason-run digital system of population-control.


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