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AGM Taipan Thermal: Surprise the Zombies

Nutnfancy - 9,613 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2022 / In Firearms

Here's another hand held device that can easily show someone hiding in the dark. Or fog. Or in the foliage. You see the AGM Taipan doesn't need any ambient light or external illumination to work. And work it does. It will reveal body heat signatures from long distances also (see the testing footage in the video).
You need to remember you'll get what you pay for with few exceptions when it comes to NODs (night observation devices). This model of Taipan thermal device hits on both value and performance and it my rec'd choice in the line. These are high quality warranty backed devices that will withstand hard use btw.
Though not weapon mountable, this device and its handheld design will provide the most use and versatility. Features and capabilities are shown. In the end you'll probably want one in your kit...either for hog huntin' or warding off communist zombies.

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AGM Thermal monocular selection at OpticsPlanet
My top rec'd Taipan model TM15-384
Taipan model TM19-384
FLIR Breach PTQ136 thermal imager, 7 oz
TRYBE Optics GEN2 and GEN3 PVS-14: (Nutnfancy choice)
US NightVision USNV-PVS-14:

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WilD0n3 10 months ago

I love the idea of using it for pest control, oh the fun that can be had!

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

You don't realize that those "damn zombies" may just be your own child that had been covertly brainchip by the Freemasonic and Eastern-Star medical-mafia societal-saboteurs : They want you to kill your own and use their hivemind to trick you into doing it.

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JamesRoss 9 months ago

This "killing the brainchipzombies" is similar to the trickery used to clot-shot the masses of sheeple. This is why Luciferians created the zombie-movies, CDC zombie-preparedness, zombie video-games because the Luciferians become full of murderous glee by tricking sheep to kill-off themselves... simply by using mass brainwashing and technology.

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