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A NY teacher Injects Boy with Poison Jab

JamesRoss - 208 Views
Published on 05 Jan 2022 / In Kids

If the teacher keeps teaching, then she is an Eastern-Star thUg... if she looses her right to associate with children then she is just a stupid sheep brainwashed and bamboozled that she was saving his life rather than poisoning him. The Freemasonic media coverage makes me think the latter is the case. Her source for the jabs likely came from her school nurse... likely another sworn-thUg.

Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs rule the education system as part of their dumbing-down humanity campaign.
The NY Eastern-Star thUg pretends to be a teacher... she is obviously a Luciferian who has let the Mystery School Cult's trickery go to her head with self-righteousness...

All thUgs get placebos while they encourage the non-Cult people to get poison jabs not vaccines, but poison for slow disabling deaths.

The trial should test her for a brainchip using a scanner:
If she is determined to be a backstabbing Luciferian, then her payment to society is to be jabbed with real poison rather than the Freemasonic placebos.

This is how the Luciferians separated the "wheat from chaf" or "wicked from good" or "Cult-sworn from non-Cult people". they poison the sheep for secret culling.

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