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A History Of The Last 200 Years (Communist-Zionists-Freemasons)

JamesRoss - 199 Views
Published on 22 Feb 2024 / In People and Blogs


This document links the Freemasons to the zionists to the Communist collectivists. It is obvious to notice that all connections to the Freemason and Mystery School cUlt minions remains hidden... this makes this a propaganda piece that hardly identifies the Zionist and just blames the low-level Jew.
In the William Cooper broadcast in 1993, the Mystery School Freemasons, Templars, Rosicrucian, Luciferian is linked to the Hebrew zionist, not the International Jew. Not many people have made this link:
The Mystery School cUlt uses the oblivious low-level Jew to hide the Freemason and Eastern-Star communist working as part of the "team" to bring in their NWO-Ai-Takeover. Every time this author writes "Jew" you should be thinking "Zionist" or Luciferian.

Low level Jews are like Blue Lodge Freemasons... they both know little about their Cult or Religion.

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