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7-Minute Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Process Video for Beginners

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 143 Views
Published on 07 Jan 2023 / In Technology

This is a 7-minute video to show you how to recycle spent lithium ion batteries. If you are new in the recycling industry, you can first watch this video to get a basic idea about lithium-ion battery recycling.

For details about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will explain the detailed lithium-ion battery recycling process and provide the project analysis report.
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +86 130 1768 7303 (Helen)

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago  

Cycles – Rhythms – Patterns BLACK STAR / WHITE STAR

YOU can Boil me Alive: till I am dead Dead DEAD!!!

So for those whom know how to Forage, you know you do NOT want the Essence of Poison Ivy, but you do want the Essence of Golden Rod, and we have learned through Esoterica about the TRUE Meaning of the Colour BLACK, and the TRUE meaning of the Colour WHITE that has nothing to do with Skin Tone, but EVERYTHING to do with the Order of the Elephant of the KING of [Anglophile] ENGLISH Speaking People whom have done untold wanton MURDER of we NON-MASON Populations for their FREE MASON Lodges (NEWS) world order of Lies Agreed Upon KNOWING my 7% amongst the 93% we NEVER Landed on the Moon as TV / Magazines / Books of INK on PAPER to News Papers of the TEXTING internet Chat Bot OpenAi 666 GPT, what wonders await them with Duality Thinking, Opposite Thinking, and Backwards Thinking creating a MACHINE to spout all their lifetime of LIES programmed into it since the END of the MUD FLOOD WAR where and Whence we were all INCUBATOR Babies, and Children doing LABOR in 1893 AD???

Radium was used to power the Maritime Admiralty Legalese SHIPS to the Star Forts in a Water World of Canals and Channels before the TIME WAR that we call the MUD FLOOD WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, and for those whom took the Time to watch FLAT EARTH BRITISH we saw Mountains of White Washed human BONES of Mankind being Prepared for the {Ley Lines} [{**}] of Witchcraft, Voo Doo, and the Science of Sorcery* by these Witches and Warlocks for the Sorcerer’s- Sorceresses, and WIZARDS whom call themselves "Gods" and [Goddesses] in all FREE MASON Lodges in all Nations of the U.N. Military WORLD POLICE of Peacekeeping Troops: too PROTECT The Market of the CONSUMER for the Capitalist......., and their Capitalism!!!

At what point does one become so CORRUPT in their Thinking that they find LIFE itself to be an Offense, and DEATH too be worshiped.?.?.?

These LITHIUM Batteries that BURN Water and all Water Based Life Forms such as you and I as well as the Fish and the Turtle, the Owl and the Scorpion the Bear and the Donkey and the Elephant…

Besides for RADIATION Poisoning and RADIATION Sickness from the Lithium Radiation that BOILS Water in Alchemist Chemistry to the Point GLASS Melts from the Heat, what is to become of our Dead Home World PLANET EARTH when we can not Depose of Radioactive WASTE known as these EV Car and Truck and Train to Plane and Ship Batteries, do we just DUMP them all in the Ocean, and boil all life too death in our Sea on this FLAT EARTH Ice Wall Reality???

Besides for the Agenda 21 and AGENDA 2030 Stake Holder CEO Corporations of the G20 and G7 using Lithium as a SILENT Invisible Killer for JADE HELM 15, and knowing we are RUNNING out of Crude Oil because you can NOT get Water From a ROCK, and that means you can NOT get Oil from Shale, life is Day by Day, NOT week by week, month by month, nor Year by Year, but for OBSERVATION Purposes only, how many years has Lithium been used in Thrown away Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and now the Batteries for BLUE TOOTH Ear Buds seeping RADIATION Poisoning and Sickness RIGHT into your Brains unto the Watches reading your Heart Rates go INSANE in this IoT of the INTERNET OF THINGS!!!!

Christ Jesus Returned… ?

As you see THEY LIVE the GOLEM don’t care if you are MASON or NON-MASON, they just want you The CONSUMER to Protect the MARKET of the Stocks are UP and the Stocks are DOWN of BUY MY SHIT, but at what point do you in your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones become the LAST Resource of these INTERNATIONALIST, and their CORPORATIONS of Capitalism: too FEED their UNENDING Need as Capitalist.?.?.?

You can’t TRUST THE SCIENCE when they have been Lying about LANDING on the Moon since the Day you Were Born…

These People at the UNITED NATIONS Security Council do Alchemy and POPULATION REDUCTION all the Time for the KING of "Anglophile" ENGLISH Speaking People...

Fuck America... TAKE OUT THE BRITISH!!!

There was no ME in the Real World our DEAD PLANET EARTH the Moon in the Night and Day Sky called the Awful Horror and the Abomination of Desolation in the New Testament GOSPEL, so I could NOT Warn you as your Home World Died........., as we all Relive WHOM DONE What and Why as the Wheat and The Tares here in THE MEMORY called WE ARE in Purgatory being the What Was, What Is, and What Will be in and from The Book of REVELATION in and from: the OLD and NEW Testament GOSPEL...

Johnny Exodice ?

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