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5th Set Of Classified Docs Found At Biden Home, Dems Call For Probe, Cali Lost 10 Mil. Mail Ins, Religious AI

Published on 23 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

After a 12 hour plus search of Biden's homes on Friday, a 5th set of classified documents, encompassing 6 pages, has been found in one of Biden's Delaware homes. Some of the documents date back to his time as Senator. How many classified or top secret documents need to be found before Biden will be forced to step down? 2 Democrats, Tim Kaine and Debby Stabenow, are now calling for investigations into 5 different instances of Biden's possessing classified documents in his homes and other locations. Amazon lets office lease lapse in Seattle for only second time ever. What is the "Trillion dollar coin idea?" Can a coin be worth a trillion dollars and then deposited in the Feds bank account? Nancy Pelosi had exorcism done on her home after husband's "attack". Election integrity watchdog finds that California 10.9 million ballots in the 2022 midterm race. How did a state manage to lose close to half of all the mail in ballots it sent out? How is that even possible? Vatican launches probe into "lockdown sex party" as part of a wider inquiry into a Bishop's tenure in England. Appalachia residents claim crypto mining plants noise is constant and extremely loud and is driving them to sell their homes to escape the noise. Democrats daughter arrested during Antifa protest. Ghislaine Maxwell in jailhouse interview claims picture of Virginia Giuffre her and Prince Andrew is fake and not a real photo. Rabbi uses chatbot to deliver AI sermon. Biden's new chief of staff Jeff Zients is worth over 400 million dollars. Teacher at U.S. German base accused of sexually abusing children. Biden lackey and manager of Biden Penn center was involved in Trump impeachment scam. Did Michael Carpenter meet with Eric Ciaramella in 2015 during the planning of the Ukraine coup? It appears so as photos have surfaced of the meeting. Judge grants restraining order in Illinois assault weapons ban. Fox news vice president dies at age 47, after suffering a heart attack. Alan Komissaroff had joined Fox News in 1996. New York Times details Biden coverup of classified documents found in Joe Biden's homes. CBC doctor attempts to equate "stroke season" and stroke deaths with the flu. Mayor Eric Adams "champagne magnate" friend is accused of being a scammer who conned a woman out of 188,000 dollars. Las Vegas Judge, 53 commits suicide a year after being forced to resign to avoid ethics probe. Married mother of 3 told police that the clothing shop where her daughter worked was a sex trafficking hub. I look back at the movie Omicron made in 1963. Is Seattle over? Nike store leaving and multiplex cinema along with Amazon offices. Navy Seal volunteering in Ukraine killed in Bakhmut. Why are Navy Seal troops "volunteering" in a war zone? Are special ops forces actively operating in Ukraine? More news.

(Omicron Movie 1963)

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MoralitySheriff17 2 months ago

m0rnin Ash, h0pe y0u're feeIing better than y0u s0und buddy

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Hey brother, yeah had a long night. Having some dreams, long nights. the dark and all that. On we fight.

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