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#42 Volunteering as Inventory - Trauma is a thing of the past – Trading natural life for civilisation.mp4

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Published on 16 Jun 2024 / In Science

Forty-second part of the book 'Trauma is a thing of the past' — read by the author himself; Ole Klit Blente.

Get your own copy of the book here:

This ground breaking and detailed knowledge gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing. Some try to find the final solution to the destructive human condition—with injustice and insurmountable suffering—in artificial intelligence and cyborg upgrades, implicating that man is incomplete; whence modern science has the obligation to correct the faulty creation.

This unholy condition is rooted in a competitive beta-mindset; hostile to man himself. It enforces trauma from the very first spark of life: conception! and definitely has the potential to spiral us out of existence.

However, it does not have to be the end of humankind. This book presents religious, historical and medical insight, synthesizing into a ground breaking and detailed knowledge giving you the power to understand, access and transform the real reasons for chronic diseases.

Freed from outdated paradigms, the power of knowledge lets you upgrade yourself without any extra kits or payment. You can heal and recover from a slow, but inevitable death to a thriving and happy life. Everything is pre-installed in you and accessible through your own INNATE spiritual being. Explore and take advantage of it now!

This framework makes it possible to investigate any bodily issue as a result of a confrontation with stressors, which was not overcome or digested properly. Any such thing leaves a scar, a trauma, that inevitably will inhibit life and in the bitter end cause agony and death.

Even processes that have been paralysed for decades—karmic topics as well—may be found, understood and brought to a happy end. To restrict the use of the term trauma to broken legs and war veterans terrible experiences blinds us and blocks us from becoming healthy and happy. As it turns out, correcting one tiny word from your childhood may be a game changer. We simply need a tool to find the essence of it and a tool to mend it with. This is the INNATE Method.

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