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34 D.C. Prisoners Want Gitmo Transfer, Ecohealth Alliance NIH Grant, Ex Seattle Mayor Deleted 5000 Texts

Published on 03 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

34 political prisoners being held in the Washington D.C. jail, some for close to two years, have asked to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay Prison in Cuba where they feel they will be treated better and more fairly than in the Washington D.C. jail where accusations of mistreatment of inmates has been rampant. Blinken calls attacks on the Nordstream pipeline an "opportunity." Investigation into FBI by John Durham is impeding other investigations going on into the FBI. Peter Daszak's eco health alliance given more money by the NIH to study bat coronaviruses. Snowden didn't flee to Russia, Obama stranded him there by cancelling his passport. Kash Patel alleges sexual misconduct by FBI seventh floor in interview, will the public ever see the proof? Arrest warrant has been issued for former Pakistani PM Imran Khan. The warrant followed an explosive press conference in which Finance Minister Ishaq Dar accused Khan of stealing state secrets and using them for his own political benefit, BOL News reported. NFL player JJ Watt says his heart went into A Fib and had to be shocked back into normal rhythm. California Governor Gavin Newsome signs bill restricting use of rap lyrics as evidence in California criminal trials. Elon Musk's robot leaves critics less than impressed. New York Democrats push to abolish the NYPD's gang database. New York City illegal aliens pile into vans to be sent to Florida for "hurricane cleanup". Woke ex Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan deleted 200 texts and as many as 5,000 texts according to a forensic report done by business owners and residents who are suing the city after an illegal "Chop" neighborhood was set up during BLM riots. Burkina Faso is now going through its second coup this year, Junta leader Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba did not want to give up power. Burkina Faso's new military leader Captain Ibrahim Traore accepted a conditional resignation from Damiba. Gavin Newsome passes bill that will allow minors from out of state to receive medical gender transitions without parental consent. John Fettermann give strange answer to question of "how are you doing?". What is his true medical condition? Why does he have a lump on the back of his skull he is seeking to hide with a sweatshirt? Whoopi Goldberg unveils 15 foot creepy doll on the View. More news.


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