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3-4-2023 - Being Born Again

Published on 04 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE "BORN AGAIN"! If someone was to come to your door and ask, "Brother, have you been born again!?" Would you know how to properly answer, using God's living word!? Here in this sermon, Minister Leonard V. Johnson covers with you─── the answer. Using God's living word.

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NOTE: Speaking concerning 1st Cor. 15:36 - "what you sow" - (what you seek), I had in mind that there is a large group of so-called Christians "seeking" a resurrection WITHOUT DEATH, or they are "sowing/seeking" a first resurrection with a flesh-and-blood body, a body of their own imagination. The apostle Paul explains (with and through the Spirit of God) what goes in the ground upon death certainly won't be the body that is resurrected. Verse 38 explains to us, IT IS GOD who gives us a body as He pleases. Each seed has their own body.

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