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2yrs ago Victoria Melbourne Park Australia Police State Tyrannical Entrapment October 31st 2020.mp4

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Published on 17 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

2yrs ago Victoria Melbourne Park Australia Police State Tyrannical Entrapment October 31st 2020
Thanks to Tigermoth for editing and creating this video.
October 31st, a day I, and many others, will never forget.
The day 200 police surrounded, arrested and fined 14-15 people in the park...why? We don't really know.
The day an independent journalist got arrested 3 times and falsely imprisoned for 45 minutes.
The day picnic goers were subjected to pointless interrogation and intimidation for no reason.
The day women cried because they were surrounded by an armed force for no reason.
This was a fateful day; we will not forget and we’r
e coming for justice.

If you don't know I live in Melbourne, Victoria,
Over the course of this year, we have lost many liberties and freedoms, and in my educated opinion all in the name of an exaggerated threat.
I've seen people I know mock people in Victoria regarding our situation. People who should know better.
My partner and I were fined, along with everyone else, $1652 for being at the park on this day. There was no lockdown, and on this very day 1000s gathered at the beach and parks not wearing masks or social distancing.
You really think this is about a virus? How far in the sand can you bury your head.
Is this the Australia you want to live in. The people who've told me the situation here is very worrying the most, are people who escaped Serbia or Venezuela. They've seen their countries destroyed by tyranny. You don't think it will happen to you?
Seeing thousands lining up in cars to get tested in South Australia today to be told they are possibly sick, shows how brainwashed some are.
Cognitive dissonance is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the bigger it gets.
It's time to WAKE UP! Before we lose everything we took for granted.

Reignite Democracy Australia Tigermoth

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