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1Dec22 Mind Control: Brain Hacks, Bossware, and Schools

David Knight
David Knight - 172 Views
Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

China’s “zero covid” policy is FINALLY faltering says NPR as they outlet pretend it worked in China

Stoking unrest? Chinese leader who took power after the failure of Tiananmen Square dies at age 96 — another reminder to the Chinese people of better times and the authoritarian failure of Xi

Lock-out: Major homeless encampments in prosperous Guangzhou

China is also an example of the corruption that accompanies authoritarianism and secularism. So how do we combat it?

Pressure is building on the Pentagon to track the weapons they’re sending to Ukraine. Imagine that.

Peace proposal that would work: Get USA out of NATO

Ukrainian war shows no sign of ending in the foreseeable future. But what will GOP majority in House do about it?

Elon Musk lays out the big picture for where he wants to go with Brain-Computer Interfaces in his Neuralink presentation

Musk says, "We are all already cyborgs in a way in that your phone and your computer are extensions of yourself."

The Military Industrial Complex and the CIA's obsession with mind control since the mid-20th century has now exploded with a tsunami of cash

Elon Musk says he will put a chip in a human brain in 6 months. Maybe the volunteers should look at this data about what happened to monkeys

Bossware: A new category of apps for companies to get inside the mind of employees

Physicist lays out a theory about how he could determine if we’re living in a simulation and is looking for crowdfunding

Democrat-run House votes to push a labor deal down the throats of the railroad union. The political price to be paid

Disney’s “core values” on display in new series

Tony Arterburn,, joins. State of the economy, markets, metals, and the coming CBDC.

Netherlands makes an "offer farmers can't refuse" to shut down thousands of farms

Everyone had a theory of what PEOPLE were doing to cause Arctic sea ice to disappear. But now that it has roared back quickly — silence. No has any theories about that but it IS clear that there's NO CORRELATION to CO2.

What’s happening on Fiji is man-made as the island turns green

California is going to mandate that all new trucks be zero-emission by 2024 — just about a year. Nevermind that there no EV trucks to replace the banned diesel trucks, no charging infrastructure, and no extra capacity on the electric grid

Germany to put a windfall tax on SOLAR and WIND. It's NOT about the emissions

The root cause of social decline is being ignored by Conservatives because it requires radical (from the root up) change

New South Wales Supreme Court case: More fines from public health order breaches in New South Wales can now be found invalid. But it's not the kind of win needed

Covid-19 "hospitalization rates" are not what you think. And in Oregon they were so absurdly inflated that it's triggered an investigation

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