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17Jan23 WHO Plots Medical Martial Law in Geneva, WEF Plots Digital Slavery in Davos

David Knight
David Knight - 155 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

World Health Organization pandemic treaty plan to create "legally binding" powers to declare medical martial law anywhere and everywhere 4:03

Wall Street Journal begins to acclimate the public to CBDC 15:27

Kevin McCarthy declares his loyalty to a foreign country. Do you have a hard time believing politicians would sell us out to the highest bidder? 30:03

The digitalization of Ukraine — a video that celebrates a rebuilt Ukraine as the very model of a WEF digital dystopia 35:01

Davos sees 5 problems (all caused by governments) and a solution of a "New System" for each 37:48

Who’s coming to Davos? 40:56

Now 80% of Illinois Sheriffs say they won’t enforce new assault weapons ban from Democrat state government 1:03:09

Biden's "shooting people to wound" nonsense 1:07:00

Planned attack on food factories? Whistleblower says hundreds of food facilities that were destroyed were on a list of the US government. 1:18:50

Paying people for the color of their skin. You won't believe the amount they want to give people in reparations 1:22:13

Convenience stores playing opera to chase homeless loiterers away 1:26:17

John Williams’ retirement from film scores was short lived as the 90 yr old returns to film scoring 1:31:42

Alexander Graham Bell’s recordings from 1880's, never heard, are being restored. 1:36:05

Reports this week of Pentagon unwinding some of what they've done to service members over the vaccine are NOT true. They have a variety of ways to push people out 1:45:18

Ejected for a "Jesus Saves" T-Shirt. The giant Mall of America, which just recently celebrated a Drag Queen show for "all ages" thinks Jesus shirts are an offense. Jesus would agree. So what should a Christian do?

Eric Peters,, joins. And, GM ignores cars and pushes ESG to its customers, car prices have been sky high but going rapidly into reverse, a review of the Chevy Blazer, and 2:02:10

it looks like the Democrats are plotting Biden's replacement. 2:06:38

De-Digitizing Your Car (and Life) Simplifying your life for independence and REAL sustainability and durability. 2:10:48

The long march through the institutions of capitalism as evidenced by GM (General Motors) today 2:20:24

The media’s obsession with selling you something and how it destroys even alt media 2:32:33

The left loves the Fbi. 2:42:56

The difference between emissions and the CO2 climate panic. 2:51:02

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