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Russia WARNS Israel & U.S. Over Iran Drone Strike; Bible Prophecy Unfolding? | Watchman Newscast
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12/3/22 AxeTruth SNL Smackdown – Look Over There!

Axe Truth
Axe Truth - 143 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

​Its a smackdown SNL, after 2 week break Axetruth back with the latest distraction & hypocrisy of MSM & Globalist establishment ...
"Look Over There, while there serious economic downturn, people dying suddenly , the fake Covid19 Pandemic is coming to light & global destruction of farmlands which will cause major food shortages.

1. My journey to Staten Island being welcomed in by total strangers , treated like family.

2. Alphabet Soup Rainbow Skittles News - the Fake Denver LGBTQ shooting being propagated as a hate crime until it comes out that it was a LGBTQ-They/Them who did the shooting

a) NYC Gay club gets a brick thrown at the building the news quickly ran with narrative it was a hate crime, then comes out it was a GAY man who threw the brick at the building

3. the latest Shine distraction "Look over There" Jerry Jones at 14yrs old was attending high school that was being desegregated, now there's calls for him to give a STATEMENT , to apologize as if he was involved bc he happen to be in the photo... manufactured outrage distraction for the race obsessed blacks

4. While we being distracted with nonsense the Netherlands Police are using heavy machinery to tip over tractors with farmers INSIDE of them. When protesters peacefully stand against the machines, the police drag them into black vans

5. SBF admitted there were FEDS involved in FTX crypto scam, no wonder why he's not in jail.

6. Jeff Schroeder of "The Daily Blast Live" took out his earpiece and asked why cancel culture hasn't given it more outrage since it has to do with "young children" vs. the amount Kanye West received

7.Vincent James on Crowder & these Control Ops in the "Conservative influencers on the internet"

8. Alex Jones- I don't like Nazis Kanye West- I like Hitler video clip & Kanye West- Hitler had a really good outfit and was a good architect and he didn't kill 6 million Jews

9. Hitler was a complete psychopathic Devil Worshiper” Alex Jones makes his stance against Hitler clear... just as a good Control Op would

10. Trump was right about the Hunter Biden Laptop the money laundering that Hunter was involved in w/ his father Joe . Leslie Stahl totally denied it on national TV

11. Head & Shoulders Joe Rogan about the MSM collusion with the democrats lies about Russian collusion & Hunter Laptop... so we supposed to believe he just realizing this?

12. Kati Hobbs sent county supervisor letter threatening 2yrs imprisionment if he didn't certify the election

13. LOCKSTEP PHASE 2 New World Order Going Loud trying to push global dominance control over the masses.

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Russia WARNS Israel & U.S. Over Iran Drone Strike; Bible Prophecy Unfolding? | Watchman Newscast
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