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05 Oct: Clever. THREE MOVES That CRUSHED Russian Defense in Borova | War in Ukraine Explained

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 06 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

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I am a Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video I will tell you what happened on the two hundred and twenty fourth day of the war.

Day 224: October 05

In the Luhansk region, the Ukrainians are starting the new phase of the counteroffensive operation – the battle for Svatove. To start this new phase, the Ukrainians struck the northern Russian group in their most vulnerable spots, forced the Russians out of their positions along the river and joined all of their 3 bridgeheads on the Oskil River’s eastern bank together. And here is how they did it.

After Lyman fell, the Ukrainians also liberated Zalichne, Dibrova and Kuzmynne, meaning that the southern and central groups joined forces and could start storming the next line of Russian defense. The front line stopped on the line Borova, Makiivka, Kreminna.

The Ukrainians tried to immediately storm Kreminna, expecting to take advantage of the disorganization caused by the massive retreat from Lyman. Russian defense position here reminds what we saw in Lyman – the town is surrounded by forest, which the Ukrainians are fully controlling, at least in the western part. But even from here, the Ukrainians can hide their forces in the woods, which reduces the ability of the Russians to use their aviation. At the same time, the Ukrainians can conduct their attack directly out of the forest. Unlike in the fields, in the forest, the Ukrainians have a tactical advantage in this respect. However, the Russians still have a powerful position because the town is split by the river, which serves as a natural barrier for the attackers and complicates offensive operations. The Russians can also receive supplies and reinforcements quite easily here because the Ukrainians neither control the highs around Lysychansk, nor can they in any way establish fire control over the roads leading to Kreminna because they go through the forest. All these factors make Kreminna an even more challenging target than Lyman. That is why the Ukrainians took a chance and launched their attack immediately. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. The chances of taking this town in front are pretty low, so the Ukrainians need to undermine their defense before trying to breach it.

And this is exactly what they are doing. The Ukrainians mostly stopped attacking Kreminna and focused on developing their offensive in the direction of Svatove. The goal here is to hit the weakest link of the Russian defense line. The Ukrainians attempted to storm Pischane, but discovered that the Russian defense here was relatively strong. This is not surprising because the settlements to the north of Kreminna stretch far out and are pretty close to each other. They are also located on the same river, which is shallow, but still serves as a hindrance. So far, it looks like the Ukrainians are preparing an attack on Ploschanka, from where they can attack the next town on the line – Krasnorichenske.

In the meantime, the central group has made massive progress. As discussed previously, the Ukrainians here have been gradually taking the Russians in Borova in a pocket. The Ukrainians sent their scout groups deep into the region, creating an extensive grey zone of up to 15 km wide. Grey zones increased the uncertainty about the situation because the Russians could not have a clear picture of what was going on.

Simultaneously, the Ukrainians were moving in from the north. They established control over Kisharivka and started to storm Hlushivka. This meant that the northern road from Borova basically led to nowhere. That is why the Russians tried to push the Ukrainians south from the road to Svatove, conducted several counterattacks, and while the Ukrainian forces operating in this region were busy, they retreated from Borova. The front line collapsed immediately after that, and very soon, the central Ukrainian group joined forces with the northern Ukrainian group in Kupiansk. The bridgehead around Dvorichna also has a land connection to Kupiansk, although not all settlements in between have been liberated yet, such as Lyman Pershyi. But these settlements will fall very soon because the Ukrainians around Kupinask finally breached the Russian defense in Petropavlivka and Synkivka, which basically puts Lyman Pershyi in the operational encirclement.

Overall, the Ukrainians are at the final stage of establishing control over the Oskil River’s eastern bank. The actual battle for Svatove will begin very soon.

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