Rev. LeRoy Cressy
Rev. LeRoy Cressy
United States

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In these turbulent times where Conservative Christians and Political Conservatives are being censored from various sites it is imperative that we have a voice to speak our minds. I believe that Bitchute will be a good alternative to YouTube that will not censor conservative and Christian viewpoints.

As many of us I wear several hats.
Pentecostal Bible Teacher and Reverend
Linux Computer Administrator
Political Junkie :-)

Most of my videos are not entertaining, but as a teacher I believe that they are informative. I try to teach the why things are and how they work. For instance, do you even know who your Congressional Representative is? Have you ever thought about how your computer/cellphone works? Having an understanding of these things will open your mind to why things happen.

All of my videos can be freely copied, redistributed, and edited. The author only wishes that you give credit where you have gotten the original from.

I welcome all comments and will attempt to reply.

Have a great day :-)